Fully Assembled, Semi Custom Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry at RTA Prices... Why Shop Anywhere Else?
What areas do we serve?
  • We deliver anywhere in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida. We can sell to customers outside of these markets but you would have to arrange to have the cabinets picked up from the warehouse in Atlanta, GA.  
Are these RTA cabinets? 
  • We typically ship our cabinets FULLY ASSEMBLED without ridiculously high freight rates. We charge a flat $350 to ship in any of the 3 states we serve. 
  • Yet we can sell and ship a kitchen of fully assembled cabinets cheaper than you can get RTA cabinets elsewhere. So why buy RTA and worry about having to put them together?  

Why am I asked if I want the cabinets assembled? 

  • While we highly recommend having each cabinet assembled before being shipped, there are certain circumstances where it makes more sense to send a cabinet unassembled.  Some of those reasons include:
    • Cost savings - Some customers prefer the cost savings over convenience.
    • Time frame - RTA cabinets will typically ship quicker than assembled cabinets.  So if you are on a super tight time crunch, RTA may be the way to go.  
    • On site modifications - Perhaps you need to modify a cabinet for a particular space or use.  This is usually easier to accomplish before the cabinet is assembled.
    • Tall cabinets and low ceilings - If you are going to be buying a tall cabinet that goes to the ceiling in your home, I advise you buy the cabinet unassembled (RTA) and assemble it in place.  
  • So, before adding each cabinet to your cart, you will be asked whether or not you would like it shipped assembled or not.  

Note - All of the pricing on this website assumes you are buying your cabinets assembled.  So when you see a 10x10 kitchen price, that is with the cost of assembly on each cabinet figured in.  

What are the options and modifications you offer? 

  • Hinge location - When ordering an assembled single door base or wall cabinet, you will be asked what side you want the hinges to be on.  This is an important option that shouldn't be glossed over as the location of the hinge affects which way it swings when opened and therefore affects the accessibility of the cabinet.  
  • Prep for glass - This option should be checked if you are looking to convert a standard door into a glass door.  When a door is 'prepped for glass', the center panel of the door is removed so the frame is ready to accept glass.  NOTE - We do not provide the glass, it must be sourced and installed locally.  
  • Depth Modification - On many of our cabinets, you will be asked if you would like to change the depth of the cabinet.  For wall cabinets, the depth can be either increased or decreased, based on your needs.  For base and tall cabinets (oven and pantry cabinets), you can decrease the depth.  All changes in depth are in 3" increments.  This modification really provides limitless possibilities to your kitchen when you put it to good use.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to put this modification to use in your home.  

Are modifications available for RTA cabinets?

  • No, all of the modifications we offer are only available on cabinets that are ordered fully assembled.  

Are your cabinets KCMA certified?

  • Yes!  Everyone of our cabinets are KCMA certified.  Don't know what this means?  Click here to be redirected to the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer's Association) website to ready more about their certification process and what it means for you: Why Certified Cabinets 
What is the lead time? 
  • Our typical lead time is 2-3 weeks.  
  • But if you aren't up against a wall time wise, we recommend ordering 3-4 weeks out.  The primary reason for this is to allow time for replacements to get to you in the case of damage from shipping.  While only about 5% of orders experience damage, it does occur.  But rest assured, you will not be responsible for any damage that does occur and we will promptly process replacements as soon as we are notified.  

What happens if my cabinets get damaged in shipping? 

  • As stated above, about 5% of orders do experience damage of some sort.  A lot of the time it is just a door or drawer front that can be easily replaced without delaying your install, but sometimes the cabinet box or face frame will be damaged.  
  • In either case, the first step is to make sure you follow our instructions for receiving the cabinets.  We will email them to you after your order is placed and you can also read them here: Receiving a Cabinet Shipment
  • When damage does occur, all you need to do is email your photos of the damage along with the order number, item # (For example: B18, SB36, W3816, etc), and a description of the damage to Scott@TheWCSupply.com.  
  • Once the damage is reported to us, we will get it processed and replacements will be sent out as soon as possible, free of charge.
Can we help with design?  
  • In short, YES!  Click here to submit a FREE Professional Kitchen Design Request: Free Professional Kitchen Design Request 
  • There are so many aspects to consider when designing a kitchen, from cabinet selection and placement for maximum efficiency and design to making sure the walkways are large enough and everything in-between! To help you mitigate all of that, we have a team of designers on hand to help you design your kitchen to your specifications. 
  • We will provide you with layout views, elevation views, and 3D renderings to help you envision your future kitchen!  In addition, you will receive a suggested list of cabinets, trim, and accessories to help you build your cart.  Best of all, ALL of this is free! It is a part of our service to you!