Series Spotlight: JSI Cabinetry Premier Series-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

Series Spotlight: JSI Cabinetry Premier Series

Making the decision to renovate or upgrade your kitchen takes a lot of consideration. From budget to design style, there are lots of things to think about when considering how you’re going to make some changes to your kitchen. One of the biggest decisions to make is finding the cabinet with the right construction, door style, and finish without breaking the bank. Our vast selection of Premier Series cabinets is perfect for homeowners who are looking to bring in flexibility and quality at an affordable cost. 

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this series: 


Built with all plywood boxes, our Premier Series cabinets come standard with practical and innovative upgrades, such as our full extension soft closing drawers and soft-close doors. 


Want some customization to make your kitchen truly unique? No problem!  When you order your cabinets fully assembled (see next section), we have a range of customizations available.  Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Add some transparency by choosing to have your cabinets prepped for glass.  When you select this option, we will prep your chosen cabinet doors to have glass installed at the jobsite.  We don’t provide the glass, but at your local glass provider you can choose the glass type you want for your kitchen.
  • Add some depth and dimension to your kitchen.  Wall cabinets can be increased up to 24” deep.  Use this option to increase the depth of the wall cabinet above your stove to 15” deep to add some dimension to your kitchen.  
  • Keep it simple with full height doors.  In addition to the above, 30” wall cabinets can be used as base cabinets when they are increased to 24” deep. Simply install the modified wall cabinets on a 4 ½” base (built on the jobsite) and add some finished toe kick and you have standard height 34 ½” base cabinets with full height doors.  
  • Squeeze into tight spaces.  Want to add cabinets to an area without obstructing the flow of traffic?  Want to use a space that is currently unusable but too small for standard cabinets?  We can reduce the depth of base, wall and tall cabinets when needed.  Base and tall cabinets can be reduced to 12” deep and wall cabinets can be reduced to 6” deep.  
  • Endless possibilities.  These are just a few of the possibilities we can accomplish in our Premier series.  Feel free to contact us with your own unique situation and we will try to find the right solution for your kitchen.  

Adding these upgrades to your chosen cabinetry is a perfect way to customize your kitchen to suit your needs! 

bright kitchen interior


Our Premier series cabinets are generally in stock and ready to ship once your order is processed.  Depending on whether you order them RTA or Fully Assembled, they will typically arrive anywhere from 2-5 weeks from ordering.  

  • RTA - If you are in a time crunch, order the ready to assemble and get them a couple of weeks quicker.  This means that once they arrive, you or your contractor will be responsible for putting them together and it can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes for each cabinet, depending on experience level. Assembly videos are available to show you how to put them together. Typically RTA Cabinets arrive in 2-3 weeks.  
  • Fully Assembled - If you have more time, order them fully assembled.  This means the cabinets are fully assembled at the warehouse before being shipped.  You will pay a little more and wait a little longer, but you will forego the hassle of having to put them all together.  In addition, fully assembled cabinets can be modified before being shipped (see section above).  These typically arrive in 3-5 weeks.  

rustic wooden kitchen cabinets

Popular Door Styles

Some of our favorite cabinets in this series include:

  • Plymouth White Kitchen Cabinets: Sleek and modern, our Plymouth kitchen cabinets will elevate your kitchen to feel new and exciting! Clean and bold, white paint will make your kitchen feel like something out of a home decor magazine. Your friends will love the new look of your kitchen. Pair them with a gray or black marble countertop for an even more contemporary feel. If you’re big into monochromatics, opt for a white countertop with a white subway tile.
  • Upton Brown Cabinets: Another unique and elevated cabinet style in this series, our brown stained upton cabinets feature a rustic look on shaker-style doors, perfect for a farmhouse kitchen or mountain getaway. Wooden stained cabinets are still trendy. With these cabinets, add a smooth black countertop and some metal handles to give these cabinets a fresh, fun look. Go bold with a unique backsplash and incorporate cohesion with stainless steel countertops for a truly unique kitchen. 

deep brown kitchen cabinets

  • Amesbury Cabinets: Give your kitchen a neutral tone with our trendy Amesbury Mist cabinets! With a trendy blue gray stain and sleek shaker style door, these cabinets will have your kitchen looking like something fit for a business executive. Consider using a white or black marble countertop for these cabinets. You could also go bold with a butcher block countertop – a great budget saver so you can splurge a bit more on other parts of the kitchen reno budget.
  • Quincy Cabinets: A classic in every sense of the word, our dark quincy cabinets are perfect for your artisan kitchen. If you’re a big fan of classic browns in your cooking space, then these are the cabinets for you. With a raised center panel, these cabinets look great with creamy neutrals on the walls, countertops and the backsplash. Want to make your traditional kitchen feel a bit more contemporary? Our Quincy cabinets in espresso are perfect!
    • Quincy is also available in Brown.

When renovating your kitchen, it’s important to consider the cabinet style you’re going to use. With our Premier Series, you’ll find a great selection of budget-friendly cabinets that are not only trendy but durable to last for years to come. Our cabinets come in many different styles and colors that will work well with your design and color scheme. No matter what decor theme you choose, we have a cabinet for you! The best part? These cabinets are perfect for bathrooms, too. Consider renovating your first-floor bathroom to remain cohesive with your kitchen. One of the easiest ways to make both spaces complementary is by upgrading the cabinets. Along with a fresh coat of paint, replacing your existing cabinets with new ones can really make the space feel completely new. 

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