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Free Professional Kitchen Design Request

Our professional kitchen design is completely free! If you need it, we are here to help you design the kitchen of your dreams. 

    To take advantage, please fill out the form below and enter as much information as possible so we can get your design back to you as soon as possible. If we have any additional questions or need clarification, we will contact you before sending the design, so please include your best contact information.  

    In the last section, upload any drawings or sketches you have that could help in designing the kitchen. Measurements with a floor plan drawing of the kitchen are the most important files you can upload to receive an accurate design and quote. Your drawing doesn't have to be pretty. but please make it legible.

    Please Note - Wholesale Cabinet Supply isn't responsible for any errors that occur due to any of the dimensions listed below being incorrect on the final layout. Therefore, It is very important that you or your contractor verify these dimensions on the layout before accepting the final layout and quote with your designer:

    • The length of any walls in the layout
    • The width and placement of any windows in the layout
    • The width and placement of any doors in the layout
    • Appliance dimensions and placement
    • Ceiling height

    Here are some tips for measuring:

    1. Measure from floor to ceiling in inches and note it as ceiling height. Draw lines to indicate the walls where cabinets will go. Measure the full length of the wall(s) in inches (") and note it on the outside of the wall. Show island or peninsula bar location and size if applicable.
    2. Draw cross marks in the wall to show where doors and windows begin and end. Note their width" x height" and description between their marks.
    3. Next measure and notate all the open wall spaces for cabinets between door trim, window trim and corners.
    4. Finally, note where you want the sink and all appliances to be placed. In an empty room measure to where appliances connect to the utility in the wall or floor.

    Accurate measurements are very important to properly size your cabinets. Please call us at (800) 917-7736 extension 4 if you have any questions about making your measured drawing.  

    If you have difficulty with the form, you can email your drawings and information to - Be sure to include as much info as possible from the form below to give our designer a good start!