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We appreciate everyone that buys from us and we want the buying process to be as clear and smooth as possible.  Please read below, including all of the tabs, so you will understand how our process works.  If, after reading all of the below, please do not hesitate to ask any questions you still have via email, or phone (800) 917-7736 extension 3.  

The ordering process will generally follow the following order.  Click each tab to read about each step of the process:

  1. Plan 
  2. Double checking your order
  3. Order processing
  4. Shipping date set
  5. Cabinets are shipped
  6. Cabinets are received by you
  7. Follow up
  8. Disclaimers

Note:  If you are just ordering door samples, the process is much more consolidated and they usually arrive in about a week.  

Click the links below to read about each step of the process before ordering:  


Here are the current estimated lead times for each series of cabinets we carry:

Please allow extra weeks for extenuating circumstances like out of stock items, delivery delays and damages.  

Unfortunately, damages do occur occasionally, though not often.  We will take care of replacements (as long as the receiving instructions are properly followed), but we need time to send them.  We can't be responsible for any delays on your project that might be experienced as a result of said delays or damages, so please plan accordingly. 

So please plan your purchase a head and be prepared for potential delays.  


During this planning stage, we also recommend you order a door sample in anticipation of your upcoming purchase.  While we do our best to show accurate photos of our products on the website, nothing beats seeing the actual door and finish in person.  

To view our door samples and order, simply click this link - Order a Door Sample

Once orders are placed and paid for they cannot be changed, cancelled, or returned so please double check the order for accuracy before finalizing the order. You can never be too thorough and you can never ask too many questions so make sure everything is as you want it.

We also recommend that whoever will be installing the cabinets (if that isn't you) review your layout and job site to make sure they have all of the materials they need to complete the install.

Make sure you double check:

  • Dimensions - First and foremost, you need to double check that the cabinets you have ordered will fit the dimensions of your kitchen.  
  • Hinge sides - When ordering a single door cabinet assembled, you choose the hinge side.  Make sure you have specified the correct hinge side on all single door cabinets.
  • Fillers - Do you have all of the fillers you will need to complete your project?
  • Moldings and trim - Ensure you have all of the trim you will need.  This includes toe kicks, crown molding, light rail molding etc. 

If in doubt about any of the above, feel free to contact us for assistance.  Keep in mind we do offer free design assistance.  To take advantage of this service, simply fill out the form at this link - Free Kitchen Design

Once you pay for the order, it goes into "Order Processing".  During this time, the order is processed on our end and your cabinets are put into a que for assembly/shipment and an estimate ship date is set.  This process generally takes 2-3 business days.  

You may be contacted during this time if we have any questions on our end, to make sure your order is processed accurately.  

Backorders - We don't have live inventory tracking and on very rare occasions a cabinet or part of a cabinet will be on back order.  If this is the case on your order, you will be notified ASAP and you can decide to either wait for the back ordered item or change out cabinets to avoid waiting.  In some instances, it may be only a door or drawer front that is on back order, in these instances, the boxes can be shipped so your install isn't delayed and the door/drawers will will be shipped at no additional cost when they arrive.  

About 2-3 days after placing your order, you will receive an email with the following, important shipping information:

  • Estimated shipping date - This date will give you a good idea of when to expect your cabinets.  Typically, the cabinets will be in transit 1-2 business days and will arrive the 2nd or 3rd day after shipping.  
  • Your phone number - If the number listed in this email is not the best contact phone number, please let us know.  This is the number the freight company will be calling to set the delivery appointment in the next step.  
  • Shipping address - Please verify the address we have is correct.
  • Receiving instructions - The receiving instructions will detail what you need to do when receiving the cabinets.  It is very important you follow these instructions to ensure any damages that may occur are replaced and in a timely manner.  Failure to follow these instructions could make it more difficult to receive replacements in the event damages/shortages occur.  

Note:  Ship dates can’t be pushed back once they are set, so make sure the typical 2-3 week timeframe for delivery will fit your construction schedule and that you have a place to store the cabinets once delivered if not.  If you need the cabinets delivered after a certain date, let us know when ordering and we can set the ship date accordingly.  

Please read in depth - Failure to read and follow the receiving instructions below could limit your ability to claim damages and report missing items.

The day before delivery, you will receive a phone call from the freight company in order to set an appointment for delivery.  The delivery appointment will usually be a 2-4 our window in which the cabinets will arrive.  Be sure we have the best contact number for you, as this is the number the freight company will be calling to set the delivery appointment.   

The cabinets WILL NOT show up until a delivery appointment has been set.  If for some reason you don't hear from the freight company, please contact the office at 800-917-7736 extension 1 so we can get in touch with them.  

Delivery is via curbside LTL freight.  This means that the driver won't carry the cabinets into your home.  So you will need to make sure you have help available to break the pallets down and load them into a safe place.  


Before you sign the "Proof of Delivery" and while the driver is still there:  

You have 30 MINUTES to complete this part.  Do not rush it (or let the driver rush you) and please be as thorough as possible.  

  1. COUNT - Make sure what you are receiving matches what is on the proof of delivery.  This means if it says there should be 3 pallets and 1 loose box, make sure there are 3 pallets and 1 loose box.  If something is missing, notate it on the proof of delivery BEFORE signing it.  
  2. INSPECT -
    1. All cabinet orders are packaged with cardboard, shrink wrapped, and have red tamper tape (See photos below for example).  The red tamper tape is there to ensure the cabinets show up in their original packaging.  If it has been tampered with, damaged, cut, or is missing, please notate accordingly and take a picture illustrating before signing.  
    2. Additionally, inspect the packaging itself (boxes and shrink wrap) and notate ANY AND ALL visible damage on the proof of delivery BEFORE signing it.  Even if you think the damage is insignificant, notate and take a picture of it.  
  3. SIGN - Your signature on the proof of delivery is acknowledgement that the order has been received complete and in good condition, unless notations have been made (See steps 1 and 2 above).   
  • Wholesale Cabinet Supply will not be responsible for shortages if delivery receipt is signed without notation, accepting the order as complete.  

After the driver has left:  

You have 4 DAYS to complete this part.

  1. INVENTORY - Once you have done the above and the driver has left, you need to inspect and inventory the shipment. 
    1. Compare your order versus what you have received to make sure everything is there.  
    2. Concealed Damage - There are times when everything in a delivery looks fine, but when you open a box an item is damaged. Please open all boxes and notify Wholesale Cabinet Supply within 5 calendar days of delivery. 
  2. NOTIFY - Notify us ASAP (within 4 days) of any of the above so we can take care of it.  
    1. If you have damaged/missing items, please check complete order prior to notifying Wholesale Cabinet Supply
    2. All items received must be inspected within 5 calendar days of receipt
    3. Email photos of all damages along with description of cabinet and damaged part that needs to be replaced to

Damages/diescrepancies will be replaced as long as Wholesale Cabinet Supply has been notified within the specified timeframes and the instructions are correctly followed.  

***Make sure to read the above receiving instructions.  You will receive these instructions again on the email detailing your shipping dates.  They protect you and ensure any damages or discrepancies are taken care of ASAP.  

Here is an example of what the pallets SHOULD look like, including the plastic wrapping and the red tamper tape noted above: 


    Damage and Defects

    • Damages that occur in shipping will be replaced free of charge but they must be reported within 5 days of delivery.  You need to email with photos, a description of the damage, and the cabinet SKU's that were damaged.
    • Defects will be replaced as well as long as they are reported within the manufacturer's warranty, as follows: 
      • JSI Cabinetry's Designer Series - 5 Year Warranty
      • JSI Cabinetry's Craftsman/Craftsman Premier Series - 1 Year Warranty
      • Wolf Classic's Expression Series - 5 Year Warranty
    • Wholesale Cabinet Supply is not responsible for labor charges for removal of or installation of damaged or defective material as well as incidental or consequential damages that are related.

      Important - a few disclaimers that apply to wood products in general and all wood products sold by Wholesale Cabinet Supply.

      • Movement is typical due to changes in the climate conditions. This will cause the hairline cracks at the stiles, rails and joints that you will see in a painted finish. Panel shrinkage may also occur in the door panel of your cabinetry.
      • Over time there may be a slight color change in this finish due to exposure to natural and artificial light. The color black also brings out the natural flaws in the wood that is hidden by other colors.
      • Color variations are a natural occurrence due to species, age, character of cabinets, and exposure to UV light and sunlight. Such variations and changes are not considered defects. For these reasons, new and/or replacement cabinets may not match display samples and/or existing cabinets.
      • These items listed above are natural occurrences in the wood and will not be considered a defect or reason for replacement by Wholesale Cabinet Supply or the manufacturers of the cabinets.
      • By purchasing with us, you agree to let doors that are warped or have panel shrinkage a1⁄4̋ or less to hang for one season before replacement is requested. Typically a door will return to its normal position once it is acclimated to temperature and humidity conditions. Prior to requesting a replacement for a door, please be sure the door has been installed properly.