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8 Kitchen Storage Solutions for Your Small Kitchen


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Why does it seem like, no matter how much we organize and purge, there’s simply never enough room in the kitchen? The truth is that those of us who love to cook struggle to keep the equipment and gear to a minimum, especially when there are always brilliant new gadgets to try! Coupled with the room required for storing food, it can feel like we’re always competing for shelf space. But there are a few simple things you can do to maximize every square inch and keep it neat and tidy while you do it.

The great thing is that you can achieve all of these smart hacks by investing in affordable wholesale kitchen cabinets or equipping your existing cabinets with new accessories.

1. Add a Pull-Out Spice Rack—Get spices out of the pantry and off the counter with a purpose-built pull-out spice rack. This can be easily achieved by equipping your drawer with a spice drawer insert, otherwise known as a spice tray, that keeps your spice jars easily accessible and easy to read without cluttering up the pantry shelves.

2. Add Roll-Out Shelving in Your Pantry—Don’t be afraid of a little depth when it comes to redesigning or building with a new pantry. Just be sure to include sturdy roll-out pantry shelving so that you can stock it full of dried goods, cans, snacks and more without limiting your access. Slide-out shelving comes in all shapes and sizes, from skinny shelving ideal for spices, oils and other bottles to full pull-out drawers that are big enough for the microwave.

3. Use Tiered Storage Racks and Lazy Susans–When it comes to food storage, you want to maximize every square inch of pantry space. You can do this by using tiered or stepped pantry inserts that let you stack cans and other nonperishables while still allowing you to see everything. Lazy Susans are another great option for organizing cans and bottles, as they prevent you from having to reach into the back, knocking things down in the process.

4. Use Hanging Cup Racks—Take a peek inside your kitchen cabinets and you’ll notice that, most likely, you’re wasting some precious space above your plates and bowls. Adding hanging racks to the underside of each shelf can provide you with a designated space for hanging coffee mugs, wine glasses, champagne flutes and more.


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5. Use Plate Stacking Shelves—To further optimize your existing interior cabinet space, consider adding plate shelves on each cabinet shelf to double your storage space. This lets you separate bowls and plates of different sizes while still keeping them neat and tidy and allowing you to see everything with a quick glance. 

6. Don’t Forget the Lid Organizers—Whip those bulky, awkward pot and pan lids into shape with a lid organizer unit placed within the cabinet. These feature upright racks which keep all sorts of lids separate and easily accessible without them taking up an unnecessary amount of space or messing up your nesting potential. They’re also great for plastic food storage, cutting boards, large serving trays and other flat items that are difficult to access when stacked.

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7. Install a Hanging Pot Rack—Most likely, there’s some underused overhead space in your kitchen that could be providing you with some great storage opportunities. Consider installing a wall- or ceiling-mounted pot rack that allows you to hang your pots and pans from above, freeing up lots of cabinet space. A central hanging rack also serves as a great place for aprons, potholders, mugs, utensils and more. These racks can be as simple and utilitarian or as elaborate and decorative as you like.

8. Install Under-Cabinet Racks—If there are areas of your kitchen where you don’t spend a lot of time prepping, consider installing storage racks under the cabinetry. Simple wire racks or shelving can take unused space and transform it into a convenient spot for all sorts of kitchen staples, including kitchen towels, cutting boards, potholders and more.

Consider a Cabinet Upgrade

Whether you love the look of clean, minimalist white kitchen cabinets or a classic dark-stained option, the storage potential of new cabinetry is incredibly high. Plus, with so many affordable new wholesale and ready-to-assemble (RTA) options on the market, you can dramatically improve your storage space and organization without a huge investment! Wholesale Cabinet Supply is always available to help you dream up a new kitchen design that suits your style and needs.

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