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A Buyer's Guide: How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets

August 05, 2020 3 min read

A Buyer's Guide: How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

Out of all the finishes in the kitchen, the cabinets are the ones that get the most glory, and for good reason! They’re the component that makes the biggest visual splash and the one the experts say should cost the most. So, naturally, choosing kitchen cabinets is a huge deal for those undergoing a kitchen renovation. But not to worry! We’re here to help you choose kitchen cabinets based on a few key features, including budget, preferences and timeline.

1. Set Your Budgetand Build Type — Because it will have such a dramatic impact on material, door style and finish options, your budget is a good place to start. Allotting about 25 percent of your budget to your new cabinets is a smart way to go. This will also help you determine whichtype of cabinetry is the right match. Let’s look at the 3 basic types of cabinetry: stock, semi-custom and custom. 

  • Stock— Stock cabinets are premade in a factory according to set standards. You won’t get any customization options with stock cabinets, but they are relatively inexpensive and tend to ship quickly. At Wholesale Cabinet Supply, you can buy your cabinets RTA (ready to assembled) which would fall into this stock category. 
  • Semi-Custom — Semi-custom cabinets, including our high-quality fully assembled cabinets and American made factory built cabinets, are designed according to set standards, but can be customized according to your preferences, with a variety of finishes, modifications, features and door styles that suit your needs. They’re less costly than fully custom cabinets and still typically ship within 4-5 weeks.
  • Custom— Custom cabinets are designed from scratch for your space, often by a local carpenter on-site. This is the most expensive and time-consuming route you can take, but it may be a good option if you have a very specific vision or are working with an especially complex or challenging space.

kitchen interior detail2. Get an Idea of Timing — When do you plan to have your new cabinets installed? Remember that unless you choose fully stock options, there will be a lead time of at least a few weeks. If you opt for anything super customized or special order, you should build in at least six to eight weeks for production and delivery. 

3. Choose a Material — Like any piece of furniture, kitchen cabinetry comes in a spectrum of materials that will affect price, quality and appearance. Wood and wood variants are the most reliable and versatile, and therefore tend to be the most common. If quality and looks are what you seek, always go for plywood or solid wood and avoid anything constructed with particleboard or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Other less common options include laminate, metal and thermofoil kitchen cabinets. To ensure beauty, quality and longevity, our cabinets are standard with all plywood boxes and solid wood frames. 

4. Choose an Aesthetic — Now it’s time for the fun part — style! Start by browsing online or through your favorite design magazines until you find a style you like. You can also request a quote for a free kitchen design on our website to help you visualize various styles. Some important things to consider include: 

  • Door Style— Your door style matters a whole lot because it affects the entire aesthetic of the cabinet and also has a huge impact on cost. Style-wise, doors range from the simple and modern (generally more affordable) — such as the ever-popular white shaker kitchen cabinets — to highly decorative raised panel doors (generally more expensive).
  • Finish— Kitchen cabinets can be finished in a myriad of ways — stained, glazed, unfinished or natural, painted or distressed. Usually, your overall aesthetic and the décor scheme will help you determine which cabinetry finish is most apropos for your unique vision.
  • Hardware— Think of hardware as the final finishing touch on your kitchen renovation. It can dress up or dress down your cabinetry or help contribute to the overall design style you want to achieve. You may decide you want to forgo hardware altogether for an ultra-mod look.

5. Customize with Features — Once you’ve chosen your supplier and have a general idea of the cabinets you want, you’ll want to think about any extra features you’d like to build in. Amazing features like soft-close doors and drawers (standard on our kitchen cabinets), integrated lighting, trash can pull-outs, pantry cabinets and more can help you design a totally custom cabinetry option that fits perfectly into your life.

kitchen twotiered island

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