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Can You Use Kitchen Cabinets in a Bathroom?

April 24, 2023 3 min read

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Maybe you're building a brand-new home. Maybe you're just tired of your bathroom decor and looking to give it a makeover. At WC Supply, we offer both kitchen cabinets and wholesale bathroom vanities. If you can't find the perfect vanity or want a different configuration than a standard vanity provides, consider using cabinets designed for the kitchen. With little skill, you can create a beautiful, functional bathroom that showcases everything from stained cabinets to plain and simple shaker-style cabinets.

Are Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Different?

You might think all cabinets are the same, but that's not entirely true. They have the same function, and many are designed similarly, but some key differences exist.

The most obvious difference is size. Kitchen cabinets are usually taller than bathroom cabinets, especially vanities. Our vanities measure 34.5 inches high. Our kitchen cabinets range from 30 to 42 inches high. There's also a difference in depth. Our vanities are 21 inches deep, while our kitchen cabinets range from 12 to 24 inches deep.

Both our kitchen cabinets and vanities are available in styles designed to accommodate a sink. In our kitchen cabinet collection, we also offer corner cabinets.

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Which Types of Kitchen Cabinets Work Best in Bathrooms?

Cabinets can be made of many materials, including wood, plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Some are better for bathrooms than others. If the cabinet is constructed from natural hardwood, for example, it should be treated with a veneer or sealant to protect it from water damage. If the cabinet top is going to double as a countertop, like a bathroom vanity, you might want to lay down a natural stone layer like granite or marble.

Drawers and shelving are other elements to consider. Many of our vanities are available with both drawers and shelves. Kitchen cabinets tend to have big, open, relatively simple shelves. These serve as multipurpose spaces for everything from coffee mugs to large pots. However, we also offer kitchen cabinets with large or small drawers and shelving. Some of our kitchen cabinets also have slide-outs for things like trash cans.

Last but not least, consider the style of your inbound cabinetry. Kitchen cabinets don't always share the usual bathroom aesthetic. This can be good if you're trying to do something different with your bathroom decor. Still, it can result in a stylistic mismatch if you don't plan your interior design properly. When shopping for wholesale cabinets, make sure to consider size, shelving, frames, knobs, material type, color (such as white cabinets) and other features.

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Can You Use a Kitchen Cabinet as a Vanity?

It's possible to use a kitchen cabinet as a bathroom vanity, but you'll need to keep certain things in mind as you install it. You might also need to make some modifications along the way.

Sizing is the most important issue. If you're adding a cabinet to a bathroom, you may not find a kitchen cabinet that matches the height and depth of your existing cabinets. You should beware of potential problems like blocking walkways, having enough "swing range" for the cabinet doors, allowing access to electrical outlets and avoiding knobs and handles that stick out too far.

On a similar note, you'll need to consider plumbing. How will the sink fit, including its basin and taps? Where do the pipes need to go? Can you cut out spaces for them, or will you need to remove the cabinet's back wall entirely?

Finally, consider the materials of your cabinetry. As outlined above, some materials are more durable than others. Things like waterproofing should be a priority for a bathroom.

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Using Kitchen Cabinets in Your Bathroom

It's entirely possible to use kitchen cabinets from WC Supply for your bathroom. You'll just need to avoid common mistakes and be prepared to make changes to ensure a good fit and proper shelving. With the right prep, however, kitchen cabinets can make attractive additions to any bathroom.

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