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Is Vinyl Flooring Good? 8 Benefits to Consider

July 30, 2021 4 min read

Is Vinyl Flooring Good? 8 Benefits to Consider-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

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If you’re renovating your home, or even building one, you’ll eventually come to a point where you have to decide on floors. There are many options available to homeowners, such as hardwood, tile or even carpeting. However, one flooring type that’s come a long way in recent years is vinyl. While you might be opposed to vinyl flooring at first, here are some of the best benefits of vinyl floors to consider before choosing a different type of flooring. 

1. Durability. When purchasing a luxury vinyl flooring, you get higher durability. Carpet stains, tile cracks and hardwood chips. Even though those flooring types look good in photos and when first installed, over time, their durability decreases. With vinyl, you’re guaranteed durability that can withstand pets, dropped cookware and furniture being dragged across it.  Of course, not all vinyl floors are equal - So when purchasing vinyl floors, pay attention to the overall thickness of the product as well as the wear layer.  The higher the thickness, the higher the durability and quality.  

2. Cost efficiency. Vinyl floors are much more cost efficient than any other type of flooring. That’s because they’re made of synthetic materials. Plus, you don’t have to run into higher shipping costs or delays because there’s a shortage in materials – like when there was a shortage of lumber during the Covid pandemic. This means you can get your home renovation done on time (or maybe even ahead of schedule!). 

3. Comfort. Vinyl floors are easier on your feet than floors of other materials. Floors made of other materials typically have less give than vinyl floors, making them less comfortable to stand on for longer periods of time. In rooms such as kitchens, where you’ll be on your feet for a while washing dishes or cooking, it’s important to have enough comfort for your feet. With vinyl, you don’t have to purchase extra rugs or mats to make standing on your floors more comfortable.

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4. Ease of installation. Some floors are more difficult to install than others, but vinyl isn’t one of them. In fact, vinyl is one of the easiest floors to install. So, if you’re DIY-ing your floors, vinyl is a great option! Of course, renovations are easier when you aren’t doing them alone. So with one or two friends, you can probably lay down all the vinyl you need in less than one day. Who doesn’t like it when something is easy to do? 

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5. Water resistance. One of the best benefits of vinyl flooring is that it’s water resistant. And, some vinyl floors, such as our FirmFit Flooring, are manufactured with a stone core, meaning they are completely waterproof! So, you can place our floors in your kitchen, bathroom and even your sunroom without worrying that they’ll be destroyed by water or create mold or mildew issues. If you live near water, such as at the oceanfront or by a river, you can use our vinyl floors throughout your home without worrying about water damaging the floors. If you do get vinyl floors, you will still want to wipe up any water on your floors, as your subflooring could still be damaged once the water seeps through the flooring.  

6. Easy to maintain. Wood floors require staining, and tile floors have grout that can be difficult to clean. With vinyl floors, you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing or staining. In fact, you can simply sweep or mop without worrying about destroying the floors. Vinyl floors are easy to maintain, and they don’t warp over time. You can easily go about the rest of your day after spending five or 10 minutes sweeping.

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7. Various designs. You can still get floors that look like hardwood or even expensive tile. Vinyl floors come in a variety of designs that look great in any space. Whether you’re looking to match your kitchen cabinets or want something that looks like you ordered it straight off a home decor magazine, vinyl floors are perfect for you. They go great with any design style, such as farmhouse or even glam. No matter what look you’re going for, there’s a vinyl flooring out there to match perfectly or complement it well. 

8. Provides insulation. Some floors make spaces cooler or warmer than others, such as stone or tile. With vinyl, it provides a level of insulation between the outdoors and your feet, which is perfect for those who detest that jolt of cold when they get out of bed or step out of the shower. Vinyl floors are great for your electricity bill, too. Since they provide a level of insulation, they also help to keep air from escaping through the floors, which will make your home more energy efficient. 

With so many advances in flooring technology, vinyl floors have really come a long way. They’re perfect for every space in your home!

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