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7 Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

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At The Wholesale Cabinet Supply Company, we recognize the importance of combining functionality with style in all aspects of kitchen design. Cabinets provide most of the room's storage while adding a significant element to the overall look. That's why we offer a diverse range of kitchen cabinet door styles to suit the diverse needs of contractors, builders, and their clients. From classic to contemporary, you can find cabinet doors to complement any kitchen aesthetic, including those featuring our durable and stylish Stonecreek SPC click flooring. Explore these seven cabinet door styles to discover how they can enhance the beauty and practicality of your projects.

Shaker-Style Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinets are among the most popular choices nationwide. These cabinet doors feature a simple, clean, and functional design. They are often constructed with five wood layers consisting of a pair of stiles, a panel, and two rails. The flat-front door panel is nestled inside a frame made by the rails and stiles. These versatile cabinet doors have a timeless look that works well in modern and traditional kitchen designs. Their minimal details, durability, easy maintenance, and versatile functionality can be selling points to your clients.

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Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

If you want to create a definitive visual impact in a kitchen via cabinet doors, then raised panel kitchen cabinets might be the choice for you. Each section of these cabinets features four pieces that create a raised decorative edge. The inner panels on these cabinets usually mirror the outside pattern, creating a striking pattern when used consistently across all drawers and cabinets. A rich wood grain adds a simple and pleasing texture that grounds the space.

European-Style Cabinets

Cabinets done in the European style have sleek, sophisticated design work behind them that works well in minimalist or contemporary kitchen designs. Clean, horizontal lines lend themselves well to a seamless look, and frameless construction helps the kitchen achieve an integrated aesthetic. Style isn't all they bring to the kitchen; they also simplify organization. Count on European cabinets for functionality, durability, and quality.

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Beveled-Edge Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors in this style feature an angled cut or beveled edge along the panel's outer perimeter. The bevel can be very pronounced or might be a slight, subtle angle. This design detail adds visual intrigue and dimensional depth, offering a dynamic alternative. Beveled-edge cabinets are perfect for clients seeking a sophisticated and modern touch in their kitchen design.

Flat Cabinet Doors

If you're looking for simplicity, we suggest flat wall cabinets' minimalism. These are available in options made of wood, laminate, veneer, and composite materials, and their surfaces range from semi-glossy and shiny to flat or matte finishes. They're low-maintenance options with a clean look that's well-suited for contemporary kitchens and modern flair.

Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors

These panels are similar in design to raised panels but have one marked difference: the center panel is indented into the frame. Outer frames on these range from simple to elegant, but they create a recessed appearance that suits contemporary and transitional design aesthetics.

Inset Cabinet Doors

If you look over inset options, you'll see that these doors are set inside the cabinet frame instead of the outside, as most other styles do. These doors are designed and then manufactured to precision measurements. Hence, they open and close quickly and easily, even after the wood goes through cycles of expansion and contraction. Hidden hinges offer a furniture look, but exposed hinges can provide a contrasting accent color. Inset cabinets are usually among the most expensive options, but the upfront cost is an investment in generational durability.

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A Crucial Consideration

Kitchen cabinets can easily be half the budget for the room, and they're often the most prominent element of the room's design. It's worth your time to analyze the various kitchen cabinet door styles to find the options that best suit the needs and stylistic choices of anyone you work with. Wholesale Cabinet Supply can help you with our quality cabinets, personal service, and great prices. Check out what we offer, and see how we can be a part of creating dream kitchens.

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