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Three Modern Kitchen Ideas

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If your kitchen feels stuck in a 1960s sitcom, it’s time for a makeover. This is especially true if you’re still rocking an avocado and gold color scheme straight out of “The Brady Bunch” or your flooring and countertops are stuck in the “I Love Lucy” era with linoleum, Formica, or floral wallpaper. These vintage styles may have their charm, but by today’s standards, they can make your kitchen feel outdated and cramped. Revitalizing your kitchen with modern flooring, sleek lighting, and contemporary cabinets from Wholesale Cabinet Supply can transform it into the stylish, functional space you’ve always wanted. Here are three simple ways to give your kitchen a modern edge. 


You will love the look of a modern kitchen, especially when you incorporate vinyl plank flooring such as our Stonecreek SPC click flooring. Your home’s kitchen is more than just a place to prepare a meal. When you transform it into a beautiful, functional space, the kitchen can serve as the heart of your home.

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In addition, preparing your meals in a modern and well-designed kitchen will take less time. When you install RTA cabinets from Wholesale Cabinet Supply, you can keep your ingredients and supplies organized so that everything has its place. Modern kitchens also have energy-efficient appliances so that you will save money on your utility bills.

Contractors adding a modern kitchen to a home may find that the house sells faster and for a higher price. Modernizing a kitchen will help you maximize your investment so you can take the proceeds and start working on your next project sooner.


Modern kitchens often feature layouts optimized for ease of use and maximizing space, ensuring every inch is utilized. Here are some ideas to help you bring your kitchen into the new millennium.


Some modern kitchens have exposed pipes and concrete countertops to create an industrial vibe. Most have sleek, handle-less cabinetry with clean lines and smooth surfaces. Flat-panel cabinet doors contribute to a minimalist aesthetic. Consider adding some open shelving to add texture and visual interest to the space. Think about incorporating some earth-friendly materials, like bamboo or recycled glass.


Modern kitchen color schemes usually feature muted and neutral colors. Many modern kitchens have a monochromatic color scheme. For instance, you might use different tones of gray, such as charcoal, slate, and silver.

Others choose a neutral color scheme and add a bold accent color. For example, you could pair white cabinets and countertops with warm vinyl plank flooring and brass hardware. Add a pop of color when selecting bar stools, lighting, and artwork.

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Using black and white in a modern kitchen makes the space look sophisticated. Selecting white as the primary color will make the space look airy and more spacious. Then, add some black to the room. For instance, consider installing a matte black range hood.

Especially in kitchens lacking natural light, opting for earthy tones can work wonders in creating a warmer ambiance. Consider hues like soft greens or earthy browns to make the space cozy. Complement these tones with natural materials such as stone, wood, and rattan to enhance the organic feel.


Numerous lighting options can elevate the aesthetics and utility of a modern kitchen while ensuring ample illumination. With its sleek design seamlessly integrated into the ceiling, track lighting offers clean lines and versatility. Strategically arranging them ensures no dark corners in the room.

Pendant lights are perfect for hanging over kitchen islands, dining areas, or countertops. Opt for designs featuring crisp lines and geometric forms to maintain a contemporary look. Consider clustering several pendants at varying heights to introduce visual intrigue to the space.

Under-cabinet lighting proves invaluable for providing task lighting in a modern kitchen. Opt for cool white or daylight LED bulbs to ensure optimal color rendering and brightness, enhancing both functionality and style.

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If the kitchen contains a dining space, consider hanging a statement chandelier over it. Select one made from glass, metal, or acrylic to keep the vibe modern.


When browsing Wholesale Cabinet Supply, implement these ideas to craft a modern kitchen that will captivate you. We specialize in helping you realize a modern aesthetic that enhances the appeal of new or remodeled homes and commands top-dollar home prices. These tips are particularly advantageous when renovating or remodeling a kitchen that feels like it’s from the last century, ensuring a seamless transition to contemporary elegance.

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