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What Are Slab Cabinet Doors?

If you’re upgrading your kitchen or working on a new custom build, you might have some questions as you enter the cabinet selection phase of the renovation or build. That’s okay! One of the most frequent questions we get from our customers is about slab cabinet doors. What are they? Are they available as wholesale kitchen cabinets? How will they affect my kitchen design? We’ve put together some helpful information that we feel will best guide you through better understanding slab cabinet doors and what they mean for your kitchen design. 

The Basics About Slab Cabinet Doors

Slab cabinet doors are flat-panel doors that don’t use any contours to make the cabinet door look raised or recessed. They are, quite literally, a flat slab that can instantly transform your kitchen cabinets to a more modern or european look. These slab doors have hit interior design trends pretty hard. More and more homeowners are looking for trendy slab doors to add to their kitchens. This is a long cry from a century ago. In fact, most homes during the Victorian era didn’t even have cabinets.

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Are they constructed any differently than raised panel doors?

Not really. While the only difference between the raised panel doors and slab cabinet doors is the fact that slab doors don’t have frames (because they are literally a slab), they can be constructed with different materials, such as hardwood, plywood, and in many instances, engineered wood. 

Do they cost any different than raised panel doors?

That entirely depends on the materials used to create your slab doors. Our European style cabinets are not only affordable but are created with durability and quality in mind. We offer a variety of colors and finishes, too, ensuring you get the exact slab cabinet doors you’re looking for. 

Do they come with the same features as other cabinets and door styles?

This depends on where you are buying them from.  If you are buying a builders grade, entry level cabinet, the features may be bare bones.  However, all of the slab doors that we sell are standard with all plywood boxes, soft close doors and full extension/soft closing drawers.  

 Slab Cabinet Doors

Slab Cabinet Door Styles

Slab cabinet doors can come in a variety of styles, each unique in its own way. Depending on your particular interior design tastes, the overall feel of your kitchen and even your budget, you’ll find that there’s a lot of options for incorporating slab cabinet doors into your kitchen design.

  • MatteMatte cabinets give a basic yet clean and polished look to slab cabinet doors. They are perfect for people who want the modern feel of slab cabinet doors but don’t want the higher maintenance of other styles. We offer both white and gray cabinets in the matte style. 
  • High glossHigh gloss cabinets have a very shiny finish – almost like a lacquer depending on the way the light catches them. These will always run more expensive than other slab cabinet styles and colors, so it’s important that you consider whether or not you truly want this look in your kitchen. You can find the high gloss finish in our white and metallic colors. 
  • Integrated handles: Some slab doors come with integrated handles, like our Ontario door styles.  The inset handle keeps a clean and sleek look while eliminating the need for protruding handles and pulls on your cabinets.  

Other Slab Cabinet Door Finishes We Offer

We have a variety of slab cabinet door styles and finishes that we offer for our Skyline Series besides our matte and high gloss options. 

  • Satin Touch MonumentIf you’re looking for a wooden cabinet that gives the appearance of marble, then Satin Touch Monument is perfect for you. Available in our Manhattan and Ontario options, Satin Touch Monument looks great as the cabinets for your island or your lowers. For your other cabinets, we recommend using matte white or gray. 
  • Castle RockA cabinet with the appearance of graphite, our Castle Rock cabinets will make you feel like you’re looking at a cabinet made from the rock of a mountainside. Except, it’s wood! This cabinet style is perfect for your mountainside cabin or even to add some depth to your monochromatic, minimalist Swedish kitchen. Like our Satin Touch Monument cabinets, these look best for your island or as your lowers. Pair them with our matte gray cabinets for a seamless look. 
Slab Cabinet Doors
    • DriftwoodAvailable in both Manhattan and Ontario styles, our Driftwood cabinets are perfect for your beach house or other seaside oasis. Or, even for the country home that has you daydreaming of being by the beach. Perfect with our High Gloss white cabinets and a white countertop, the Driftwood cabinets will make your kitchen feel truly unique. 
    • WaypostThe Waypost slab door cabinets are available in both Manhattan and Ontario styles. A nice shade of brown, these cabinets are perfect for anyone who really wants slab door cabinets but doesn’t like the look of white or gray cabinets. They look great with a granite countertop and a classic subway tile. Run your floors in a grain opposite of these for a unique kitchen space.


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