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Everything You Need to Know About Stacked Cabinets

June 20, 2022 3 min read

Everything You Need to Know About Stacked Cabinets-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

Ever wondered what the newest trend in cabinet design is? Or, maybe you’re looking for a unique design in your kitchen that will have others going “Wow!” at your space. Overall, you’re probably looking for something that won’t break your budget and will look great in your space. Considering kitchens are one of the most expensive areas in your home to renovate, it’s important you find unique solutions that stay within your budget.

Ever heard of stacked kitchen cabinets? No? Well, let us introduce you. 

What Are Stacked Cabinets?

Stacked cabinets are where you stack a set of shorter cabinets on top of regular height cabinets. They create a unique design that looks great in kitchens with really tall ceilings. But, don’t worry average-height kitchens can use them, too!

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So, Is It Like My Cabinets Above My Fridge or Microwave?

Sort of. Unlike your cabinets above your fridge or microwave, stacked cabinets go directly above the taller upper cabinets to create a unique look and fill in the gap between your upper cabinets and your ceiling. Instead of having a space at the top of your cabinets where dust and critters can accumulate, you instead gain a whole new row of shorter cabinets to store items in. Our JSI cabinets have a variety of options now specifically for stacked cabinet designs.

Additional features of our JSI cabinets include:

  • Wide selection of door styles and finishes
  • All plywood boxes standard
  • Soft-close doors/drawers standard
  • Increased or decreased depths available
  • Prepping for glass available 
  • Finished interiors available for a cohesive look on our Designer series

The best part? You don’t have to wait very long! Our JSI cabinets can come either RTA or fully assembled. Additionally, since they’re stock cabinets, it doesn’t take very long to ship out to you once you order. You could have your kitchen cabinets to you within a couple of weeks. Plus, having the option to choose ready-to-assemble cabinets means you won’t be blowing your budget by ordering these cabinets. A truly unique look for a much lower price than fully custom cabinets. You’ll have all your guests fooled into thinking you ordered a fully custom set. Plus, with the durability of our JSI cabinets, you get the quality of custom pieces at more than half the price.

a large kitchen with stacked cabinets

How Do I Design a Stacked Kitchen?

That’s a great question! You can always contact us for a free kitchen design, where our consultants can walk you through various options and help you craft a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen in your space. However, you can also browse our Premier cabinets and take a look at our Designer cabinets to find finishes that you think would work best in your space. 

Designing a stacked kitchen is really pretty simple. First, consider the layout of your current space. How tall would you estimate your ceilings to be? While stacked cabinets look best in kitchens with tall ceilings, they can also create a unique design in average height kitchens, too. For those with smaller kitchens who are looking to maximize their storage space, a stacked design might be the best solution. 

Our JSI Premier Series Is Perfect for Your Budget

Then, decide what you’d like for your stacked cabinets. You can choose from a variety of options but not just cabinets! Wine racks and plate racks also make for great stacked cabinet options. 

a large kitchen

Do I Have to Do Anything Special to Order Stacked Cabinets?

Nope. When choosing the cabinets you’d like to order, simply use the measurements provided for each cabinet piece to determine whether or not it would fit in your space or layout. The one main thing we recommend to all our customers is that you measure your space to ensure that the pieces you order will fit into the space and will work in the layout you’d like. Our design consultants are always available to help, though! 

What Are Some Items That I Can Put in Stacked Cabinets?

Stacked cabinets are great for those items you seldom use but can be a pain to find a place for. Items such as crockpots, party supplies and even formal dining items can be stored up in the stacked cabinets. Then, when you’re ready to use them, you simply use a step ladder to reach the cabinets and bring the items down. After using your items, store them back up in your stacked cabinets to be safely tucked away until next time! This way, those items won’t be sitting on top of your cabinets and collecting dust or be hidden under a blanket or towel, creating an eyesore. It definitely opens up other storage possibilities, too! You can move things out from closets, hide away your favorite candy from the kiddos and countless other things, all with stacked cabinets.

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