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A Helpful Guide: 8 Ways to Update Kitchen Cabinets

When you’ve had the same kitchen set up for 30 years, or you’ve just purchased a fixer-upper and are ready to tackle the kitchen reno, the topic of the kitchen cabinets is usually one of the first things to come up. They’re such a large part of the kitchen design, so it’s important the right ones are installed for your budget and overall design aesthetic. Updating your kitchen cabinets is a large project, so we’ve put together a helpful guide to walk you through some ways to update your cabinets that will make your kitchen look brand new!

Updating vs. Replacing

When you update your cabinets, you aren’t usually doing too much to the cabinet boxes. However, there are some instances where you’ll want to completely replace your kitchen cabinets, such as broken base cabinets, warped cabinet doors or extensive damage from a natural disaster. While replacing entire kitchen cabinets can be an anxious task, our Designer series cabinets are both affordable and high quality – perfect for when you realize that your kitchen needs new cabinets. 

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Simple Tricks to Updating Your Cabinets

Sometimes, all your cabinets need are some simple adjustments that will make them appear brand new. Here are some of our favorite tricks:

1. Replace the doorsIf your cabinet bases are in great shape, then just replace the doors. A recessed door panel is a great way to bring your current cabinets into a modern feel. You can also replace the door fronts with glass to make them appear larger.  You will need to find someone that specializes in making custom sized doors to fit your existing cabinets.  

modern black kitchen cabinets

2. Paint them: Yes, you can paint your kitchen cabinets if they’re in the right shape. Painting your lower cabinets a bright statement color and leaving your upper cabinets as neutrals will really make your space feel special and fresh. If you have a kitchen island, then consider painting the island cabinets. 

3. Change out the hardware: Sometimes, all you need are some new fixtures. Swap out the sink, cabinet door handles and even the light switch plates for a fresh, new look. Your kitchen will feel instantly updated, especially if you use copper or brass. 

4. Go openWhy not make the entire kitchen feel different by removing the cabinet doors altogether? Instead of tearing down all your current cabinets and replacing them with new ones, consider using some of your cabinets without their doors and front hardware. Instead, you’ve now got makeshift open air shelving! Be sure to place liners or paint the inside so that they look as though they were meant to have no doors. Lay out some of your favorite china or dishware on your new open shelves. 

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5. Maximize your lower spaceInstall thin drawers underneath your lower cabinets instead of baseboards. This way, you’ve got a place to store all your cutting boards or serving plates, instead of shoving them under the stove with your baking dishes.

6. Add lighting: Placing lights under your cabinets and around your backsplash will really make them feel fresh and new. This way, you don’t have to light up the whole kitchen when you make a run down for your midnight snack! Plus, it helps make your kitchen feel bright and airy, even when you’re using the natural sunlight. 

cabinet door on table

7. Organize your wine: Place different types of wine storage throughout your kitchen. Whether it’s built-ins to serve as a wine rack or a metal wine glass holder to be installed underneath your shelf, it’s important you have a place to organize all these items. The best part about having a metal wine glass holder installed under your cabinet shelf is that you can still place small, short glasses underneath it, a perfect way to maximize storage.

8. Use crown moldingCrown molding can really elevate a kitchen. Add crown molding to your upper cabinets for an interesting and unique update. They’ll make your ceilings appear higher, too. This should probably be done by a professional, though, because missing the mark on a DIY project can cause some major issues.

There are lots of ways you can update your kitchen cabinets. Making sure you know when to update and when to replace is a must. With just a few simple tricks, you’ll have kitchen cabinets that look like they came straight from a magazine.

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