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What Are European Style Kitchen Cabinets?

November 22, 2022 3 min read

What Are European Style Kitchen Cabinets?-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

There are lots of kitchen cabinet design styles you can find these days. No matter what kitchen style you’re going for, there are lots of options you can choose from. Of course, this can feel overwhelming for many homeowners, but we’re here to help walk you through it. One of the newest design styles we’ve seen trending so far is European Style Cabinets. These cabinets are slightly different from other cabinet styles, but they still look great in any space! Here’s some more helpful information about European Style Cabinets and ways you can incorporate them into your home renovation projects. 

What Makes European Style Cabinets Different Than American Ones?

This answer is pretty simple, believe it or not. The main difference lies with the framing. In many American style cabinets, you’ll find that there’s a framing between the doors and drawers. It’ll look like the doors and drawers stick out a bit from the cabinet. However, in European style cabinets, everything appears flat and seamless. There’s hardly any space between the doors and drawers. That doesn’t mean that European style cabinets aren’t structurally sound, though. Many European style cabinets pass a variety of standardizations that various organizations put in place to ensure consumers receive quality products.

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How Are European Style Cabinets Installed?

That’s a great question. European style cabinets are installed just like any other cabinets — the difference is in the framing. Since that’s a manufacturing difference and not an installation difference, you don’t have to worry about learning how to install a whole new type of cabinet. Our Skyline Cabinets are a great choice for anyone looking to install the frameless European option into their home design. We can customize any order to your exact needs, and they can arrive pre-assembled as well to ensure a smooth and speedy installation process. 

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Can European Cabinets Be Customized?

Absolutely! European Style Cabinets are a bit of a misnomer because the basics of the cabinets are similar to the others. Frameless cabinets are just typically the standard in European cabinetry building and design. Of course, as more and more Europeans migrate to America, they bring their design preferences with them. European Style cabinets have popularized over the years, making it a fun trend that many homeowners enjoy. We feature completely customizable European Style cabinetry in our Skyline series of cabinets. Whether you’re interested in getting your cabinets prepped for glass, create some open shelving or even create some unique storage solutions for your kitchen island, our free kitchen design is available for any interested customer. We want to ensure you get the cabinets that are perfect for your space and lifestyle, so we’re proud to offer this service for free! 

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Are European Style Cabinets Affordable?

Yes! While fully customized cabinets are more expensive than other types of cabinetry, the benefit is that you’ll receive cabinets that are specific to your needs. Who can put a price on that? Either way, we do our best to make our kitchen cabinets affordable for all our customers. We offer free shipping on orders of various minimums depending on the location of your project. Even for home projects hundreds of miles away from our manufacturing and shipping facilities, we can work with you to find a solution that best meets your needs. Our designers are experienced, knowledgeable and super friendly! No matter what, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect set of cabinets for your space.

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Do European Style Cabinets Have a Specific Finish?

It depends. European Style cabinets can come in a variety of finishes. Our Skyline cabinets feature a glossy finish, which makes the cabinet doors and drawers appear as though they have an acrylic overlay and reflective surface. Some people even say they feel like they’re looking at glass! Glossy cabinets are easy to maintain, too. Simply wipe them down with a damp rag once a week and they’ll look shiny and new! For homeowners who want their cabinets to look contemporary or even futuristic, our European Style cabinets are perfect. Currently, we offer two different shades — a pristine white and a muted gray. These colors look great in any kitchen space, helping to keep things feeling neutral and calm. This way, you can bring in some accent colors through your other kitchen decor, such as barstools, flooring or even lighting. For anyone who chooses a mixture of open shelving for their cabinetry, using dishware as an accent color is always a great design choice.

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