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Where to Put Knobs and Handles on Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing the hardware for your kitchen cabinets, you’ve probably realized there are lots of options out there. More than you thought! From glass to brass to knobs to pulls to handles, there’s so much out there that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And, once you choose your hardware, then you have to place it. Of course, all together that can make for a very stressful experience. Here’s some information about the types of hardware and where to place them on your kitchen cabinets.

Knobs vs. Handles vs. Pulls

Whether you chose RTA cabinets or had them delivered pre-assembled, your cabinets came without hardware. It’s up to you to choose what hardware goes where. Of course, there are some rules that you need to follow, such as whether you use a knob or a handle. 

  • Knobs: Knobs help you to open a cabinet door. It’s usually a circular or rounded singular piece of hardware, but some do come in squared shapes. Traditionally, cabinet knobs were made with glass, but these days, just about any material can be used to make a cabinet knob. Most people have seen a cabinet knob or two in their lifetime, but when you’re deciding on which goes best with your decor scheme, well, that’s another story that we’ll get to in a moment.

Flex Your DIY Skills with RTA Cabinets
  • Handles: Handles are longer knobs that can go on both drawers and doors. If they’re on a drawer, they’re placed horizontally. If they’re on a door, then they’re placed vertically. Some homeowners prefer handles because they can be easier to grab, especially for those who are older or have difficulty keeping hold of a small knob. 

  • Pulls: Pulls go on drawers specifically, and they are usually large enough so that you can pull the drawer open across its track. They come in all shapes and sizes, and one type that’s been increasing in popularity has been the cup pull. An upside down cup, these pulls elevate any cabinets they’re placed on and give them a unique look.

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Where to Place

Knowing where to place your hardware is an important piece of cabinet installation. If you drill holes in the wrong spaces, it’ll be very easy to tell that you’ve made a mistake once you finally do install the hardware properly (white cabinets are infamous for this!). Here’s how you should install the hardware for your cabinets:

  • Knobs: You’ll want to locate the side of the cabinet door opposite where the hinge is. That’s where your knob should go. Measure the width of the frame and mark the center point.  Drill a hole and then screw the hardware into place. Repeat for the next cabinet door. NOTE:  If your doors are mitered, you will want to avoid placing your knob at the seam of the miter.  Slightly above or below the seam would be ideal.  

  • Handles: Measure the distance between the top and bottom of your handle. Mark that distance on the cabinet door about the same distance away from the edge like when installing a knob. This should ensure that you can install the handle hardware correctly. Since handles are a cross between a knob and a pull, make sure you rotate the handle 90 degrees if you’re measuring it for a cabinet drawer. 

  • Pulls: Pulls should go in the center of the cabinet drawer door. While this seems the most self explanatory, it can actually be the most difficult. Ensuring the pull is perfectly centered prior to drilling the hole takes a bit more skill than you’d think. 

No matter where you place your hardware, remember accuracy is key and it is always better to measure twice (or thrice!) before you drill. 

Find the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets for Your Space

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Hardware to Match Your Design

When choosing your wholesale kitchen cabinets, it’s important to also choose hardware that goes with it. Your overall design aesthetic can shift depending on the cabinets or hardware you choose. Here are some potential options:

  • If you’re going industrial: A gray cabinet with an oblong handle or pull is perfect for anyone going for the industrial look. Pair with a white or black countertop and white floors. Our NorthPoint Cabinetry series comes in multiple shades of gray, so you’re sure to find the perfect one to fit your space! 

  • If you’re going farmhouse: Say goodbye to the white cabinet trend for farmhouse kitchens. Instead, choose ivory! Go with black, iron, rounded knobs and pulls for your kitchen cabinets. A butcher block countertop is a great choice for farmhouse kitchen designs. Our Woodline Series has a great selection of cabinets, featuring the option to prep for glass or even utilize an open shelving feature in your kitchen design!

  • If you’re going vintage: Glass knobs are the way to go for vintage kitchen designs. Be bold with a bright cabinet color, such as blue or green, and pair with a white countertop for a seamless look. 

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