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A Contractor’s Guide to Bulk Cabinets for Multi-Housing and Large Scale Projects

As a contractor, you probably find yourself balancing multiple projects at once. Whether you’ve got the same core team of builders, carpenters, flooring specialists, painters, electricians, plumbers and any other home construction professional for each project or you rotate through a network, managing all those projects can be tough if you are working with too many different people or suppliers. While there are lots of tips out there for managing multiple construction projects, we know it’s not easy. Here at Wholesale Cabinet Supply (TheWCSupply.com), we strive to make our cabinetry and flooring products easily accessible for contractors and individual homeowners alike. Since we know you might be wondering whether or not you can order bulk cabinets and flooring for your multi-housing/large scale projects with us, we put together this handy guide to walk you through our process and how you can access our contractor deals, such as our unique free kitchen design!

Cabinets for Contractors At-A-Glance


Number of Cabinets


Contractor Savings

“Kitchen at a Time”

Single kitchens

Highly customized

5 - 15% savings off of regular retail pricing


250+ Cabinets

Repeated design; maybe slight variations

Additional 5 - 10% savings off of regular contractor pricing


600+ Cabinets

Repeated design; minimal variations

Additional 20% savings off of truckload pricing 

laundry room

Kitchen at a Time Cabinets for Contractors

We recognize that not every contractor is working on projects with over 10+ units being built at the same time with the exact same specifications. In fact, a lot of contractors prefer to work with clients directly, helping them achieve the homes of their dreams — just like we do! Our most frequently chosen option by contractors is our Kitchen at a Time, where each kitchen cabinet layout is highly customizable for each individual project. Our PRO Division is a great option for contractors who tend to work directly with homeowners to help them achieve their kitchen, bathroom and laundry room dreams (but more on that below!). Our contractors tend to see discounts of five to 10 percent, but that’s the extent of the benefits here.

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Truckload Cabinets for Contractors

If you are a contractor or professional that builds small subdivisions or multi-family complexes that feature similar kitchen layouts with minimal customization, our truckload ordering might be a good option for you. This option usually requires about 10 to 20 kitchens (depending on the number of cabinets in each unit), usually equating to about 250 or more cabinets in a single order. Truckload orders will see savings of an additional 5 to 15 percent on top of our standard PRO pricing (Kitchen at a Time level), which is great for contractors who might be running into budgetary issues with developers or property management groups. As a contractor, you can’t always control the money flow, especially if you’re working with a company and not the homeowner directly. Truckload cabinets are a great option for contractors working on small neighborhoods or even a townhouse neighborhood and needing to squeeze as much margin as possible.  These orders arrive RTA (ready to assemble) but if you need them assembled, we do have options to deliver assembled depending on the location of your project.  

blue and grey cabinets

Container Cabinets for Contractors

For contractors who work on large scale projects, such as apartment complexes or large neighborhoods, our container ordering might be the best solution. These orders usually require at least 600 cabinets of the same door style, or around 40 to 60 kitchens, to be ordered at a time. Similar to Truckload orders, these designs usually have minimal variation from unit to unit due to their volume - but that isn’t always the case. However, our Container option does feature the best level of savings! You’ll usually see about an additional 20 percent off Truckload pricing, which is about 30 percent or higher over our standard contractor pricing. However, you will need to have storage for all these cabinets because all cabinet sets will need to be ordered and delivered at the same time in order to qualify. Like truckload orders, container orders come RTA but we can arrange for assembly to be provided depending on the location of the project.  

Have additional needs?

The above is just a rough overview of what we are able to provide.  We can customize projects from construction (particle board vs plywood) to door style to size, scale and scope.  Just let us know what your project requires and we will do our best to find a solution that fits your needs.   

Our Free Kitchen Design Is Just What You Need for Your Next Project!

Our Multi Family Project Team

To best help our clients manage their multi family projects with us, we have a specialized team that will walk you through the entire process from budgeting/estimating to finalization and implementation.  We have found that the team approach helps us to identify and meet all of your needs while providing the comprehensive service and solutions that you need to complete your project with us - no matter its size or scale.  Feel free to reach out to them directly at projects@thewcsupply.com with any questions or inquiries that you have.  Whether you need turnkey, wholesale supply of bulk cabinets or full service managing of the cabinetry on your project, they are here to help!  

Join Our PRO Division

Our PRO Division is an exclusive membership to our wholesale distribution program, open to members of the construction and design community. Whether you’re a real estate developer, contractor, interior designer or even a property management professional, our PRO Division might be a great source of quality cabinets and flooring for you and your business! Here are just some of the benefits you can receive being a member of our PRO Division:

  • Unbeatable pricing: Great discounts for professionals in the field from the manufacturers of a variety of our cabinet series. 
  • Exclusive access to NorthPoint Cabinetry: Our NorthPoint Cabinetry isn’t currently offered to homeowners — instead, we offer it to professionals in our PRO Division.
  • Personal service: Each PRO Division member is assigned a knowledgeable account manager to ensure you receive personalized service, including some free kitchen cabinet samples so you can measure up our products to your projects!
  • Design assistance: We can render 3D designs for your projects to ensure your clients can see their vision come to life!

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