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How to Choose the Best Bathroom Flooring

May 10, 2021 3 min read

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Flooring-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

Bathrooms are interesting places. While we don’t often spend much time in them, we want the time we do spend there to be relaxing and tranquil. Whether it’s a deep soaking tub or heated floors, we all have ideas for our dream bathroom. You might not have thought too much about the flooring in your bathroom, but it’s important to choose the best one for your space. Here are our tips for finding the best flooring for your bathroom!

It Must Be Waterproof. Bathrooms are high-moisture areas. With the amount of humidity and moisture present, it’s no wonder why many people choose to hang some of their plants in their bathroom. All that moisture is bad for certain types of floors, such as hardwood. If the idea of wooden floors in your bathroom intrigues you, consider installing vinyl. Vinyl is not only moisture-resistant, but it’s highly durable as well. Even after the tenth time dropping the hair dryer, your floors will stay undented and in mint condition. You can find vinyl in a variety of styles, too. So no matter what you’re looking for, you can find it with vinyl. Our luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect solution for every bathroom! 

Durability Is Key. Tile is widely regarded as the most popular and best choice for bathrooms. And, while the right tile will last for decades, it’s important to remember that large slabs of tile will get slippery when wet, and it can get costly quickly. And, while it might appear durable, pure porcelain or ceramic tile can crack if heavy objects fall onto it. Once the tile is cracked, it makes for a huge eye sore and can lead to moisture leaking into wooden subfloors if it isn’t sealed or replaced quickly. Then, of course, that leak could cause a weakening of your subfloor, including rot or even invite termites. If you’re willing to spend the extra money for the highest quality tile, then you could consider it for your bathroom. However, vinyl also comes with tile-like patterns and shapes, so you could get a great tile look without the worry regarding durability.

bathroom vanity cabinets and drawers

Consider Your Design Style. Choosing bathroom flooring is essential to your design style. Do you prefer Scandanavian? Maybe you’re more of a glam person. Or, maybe you enjoy bathrooms with a retro look. These are important things to consider as you choose your bathroom flooring. If you’re looking to have a farmhouse bathroom, consider our FirmFit Flooring. The luxury vinyl looks exactly like hardwood, perfect for a farmhouse bathroom. Pair the dark vinyl with a stand-alone sink, a round bathroom mirror and some additional wooden accents. A deep, sunken tub is perfect for the space. Going for glam? A wider grain and ash wood vinyl is perfect to pair with a plush bathroom rug and lots of blingy accents. A wide mirror, a bouquet of fresh pink roses and a vanity with an ornate chair are perfect for your dream glam bathroom. 

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Is Your Bathroom Wide or Tall? The size of your bathroom will determine how you run your flooring. For smaller bathrooms, running the vinyl longways is best, especially if you have tall ceilings. It’ll make your bathroom feel larger! For wide bathrooms, running your flooring from side-to-side is just fine. Installing a standing shower in the corner with floor-to-ceiling glass walls will make the space feel taller. Any storage solutions you include in smaller bathrooms should be taller to make your guests’ eyes travel upwards and feel like the space they’re in is tall. 

stand-alone bathroom sink

Consider Cleaning. You’ll want a bathroom floor that’s easy to clean. You’ll want the cleaning you do in the space to feel easy. Unfortunately, with tile, the grout can lend itself to holding onto dirt, and even laminate floors can get dirty or rotted if any moisture leaks under them to the subfloor. The moisture buildup under laminate floors can make your bathroom appear dirty and dingy, causing you to have to replace it. If you’ve got kids or pets, the bathroom floors will probably get dirty much more often, so floors that are easy to clean are a must. 

Avoid Carpeting. While we feel like this should be a no-brainer, it still has to be said. You should never install wall-to-wall carpeting in your bathroom! It retains moisture and it can be difficult to get stains out of. Instead of installing wall-to-wall carpeting, consider using some washable bath rugs.

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