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A Comparison Guide to Our Cabinet Brands

Not all cabinets are created equal. And, while we ensure that all our cabinets are made of supreme quality and design, we know that there are features that you’re looking for specifically. To make it easy for you, we’ve put together this unique comparison guide to all our cabinet brands to guide you in effectively finding the right cabinets for your kitchen.


As you decide to renovate your kitchen or start from scratch, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Measuring is key. One of the best ways you can ensure your cabinet installation goes smoothly is getting accurate measurements. Using a retractable measuring tape, measure all the components of your kitchen and create a layout that you would like to see in your kitchen. Then, chat with one of our designers about how you can make your dreams come to life.

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  • Renovations take time. Even the most seasoned of pros can’t do a kitchen renovation overnight. No matter which cabinets you choose, it takes time to ship, deliver and install your cabinets (not including any other aspects of renovation you’re doing, such as countertops, lighting or plumbing). Patience is key with renovations. 
  • Some things are better left to professionals: While most of our cabinets can come RTA (ready-to-assemble), sometimes it’s better if you let a professional handle it. Unfortunately, we’ve heard horror story after horror story of homeowners who’ve tried to install the cabinets themselves and instead end up ruining the project. Then, they have to start from scratch, meaning they have to spend an additional amount of money to not only remove the cabinets they messed up, but then pay to replace the cabinets and reinstall them. Altogether, it can end up costing just as much as if they had gone with a professional installation to begin with. Save yourself the hassle and the money and get the professionals to install your cabinets, especially if you’ve never installed cabinets before.


To best help you out, we’ve put together this handy reference chart for some of our most popular cabinet choices. 

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Below are the features available for all of our cabinets:

  • Plywood boxes: Plywood is some of the strongest material out there for cabinets. It’s resistant to moisture and warping, and it doesn’t sag with the weight of your kitchen utensils (grandma’s crockpot included!). It also has the least amount of formaldehyde emissions compared to other building materials, so you know that it’s safest to include in your home. 
  • Soft close doors and drawers: Get your midnight snack in peace with our soft close cabinets. These cabinets are perfect for all kitchens because they eliminate the pesky sound of clanging and banging when opening and closing drawers and doors. No more jostled silverware or kitchen utensils. For new parents, soft close cabinets are great because you won’t accidentally wake the baby up while putting away the dishes. 
  • Framing: All of our cabinets are framed, which is a great design feature to have. Plus, framed cabinets are generally easier to install than frameless cabinets and are more durable. 
  • Styling: All our cabinets come in a variety of styles, from European to traditional and contemporary. Many of our most popular cabinets, such as our Dover white cabinets, can be used in traditional and contemporary styling. The look you’re going for in your kitchen, as well as your color scheme, will largely determine what cabinet style you choose. 
  • Availability: Many of our most popular cabinets are all in-stock and ready to ship. This is great for customers who are looking for a quick turnaround to get their renovations done as fast as possible. Depending on the modifications you make to your cabinet order, the shipping time might take a little longer, but we always keep you updated on what stage of the process your order is in.

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Our most popular cabinets come with a variety of customizations that are great for any space. Each can fit every budget, making them the perfect solution for every renovation and build. Whether you’re replacing your kitchen cabinets or remodeling your entire bathroom, these cabinets will look great for your space.

JSI Premier Series

Our JSI Premier Series cabinets are budget-friendly without sacrificing quality or durability. Whether you’re remodeling a small kitchen or you’re a landlord looking to upgrade the kitchens in your rental properties, the JSI Premier Series cabinets are perfect for you. Here are some of our most popular customizations (only available when ordered assembled):

  • Increased or decreased depths: Base and tall cabinets can be decreased in depth to fit into tight spaces or simply create a customized look.  Increased depths on wall cabinets can be used to maximize your cabinet storage, maximizing tight spaces or simply giving a personalized touch to your kitchen.  You can also use wall cabinets increased to 24” deep to create full height door base cabinets.  Simply use 30” high wall cabinets, build a standard 4 ½” toe kick platform, and viola, you’ve got a full height door base cabinet.  Ultimately, the ability to increase/decrease depths adds an incredible level of versatility to designing a kitchen, the only limit is your imagination!  
  • Prep for glass: Prep your cabinet doors for glass for a unique look. Glass cabinet doors are a great alternative to open shelving!  Glass is not provided by us, but this gives you an opportunity to select the perfect type of glass (clear, seeded, frosted, etc) for your kitchen from your local glass shop.  

Our JSI Premier Series cabinets are also available RTA (ready-to-assemble) for anyone who’s looking for a way to save on renovation expenses or has already hired a contractor to do it for them. They’re also available fully assembled for anyone who isn’t comfortable installing them on their own. With a 1-year warranty and budget-friendly prices, it’s no wonder the JSI Premier Series is one of our most popular choices. 

JSI Designer Series

Our JSI Designer cabinets are a little more expensive, but perfect for the person looking to splurge a bit on cabinets with a sleek and stylish design while staying within a reasonable budget. Perfect for everything from apartments to luxury condos to dream homes, the JSI Designer Series is our most popular series of cabinets. In addition to the ability to increase/decrease depth and prep the doors for glass (see Premier Series above), here are some other popular customizations:

darmouth white cabinets

  • Finished interiors: Finished interiors give your cabinets a seamless look. Because the inside is finished to match the outside, any doors you prep for glass will look elevated. You don’t even have to take a sample to the local hardware store to find a matching stain to do it yourself. With our finished interiors upgrade, you can have seamless cabinets to ensure your kitchen is perfect.
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  • Double/Combo ovens: If you’re looking to install a double or combo oven in your kitchen, then the JSI Designer series is for you. This customization is perfect for the at-home chef who likes the convenience of having a double oven at their fingertips. Our seamless design will have your kitchen looking like something straight out of an interior design magazine.
    Our JSI Designer Series cabinets are also available fully assembled to ensure installation is a breeze. Of course, if you’re handy with cabinetry or are a contractor, then you can definitely order them RTA. With a 5-year warranty, our JSI Designer Series is perfect for a contractor flipping a home or a homeowner wanting to upgrade their space. With a typical availability of three to five weeks for fully assembled cabinets, you’ll have your perfect designer cabinets in no time.  

      Wolf Expression Series

        Our Wolf Classic cabinets are great for every home. With so many standard colors and designs, you can get the kitchen of your dreams by choosing these cabinets. Here are some important things to note about our Wolf Classic cabinets that we’ve found our customers like to know:
        • Made in AmericaThe Wolf Expression Series is exclusively made in America, so you know that you’re helping Americans get and keep jobs when you order these cabinets. Not only are they great quality, but these cabinets are made right here at home! In addition, Wolf uses at least 60% American materials in the construction of their cabinets.
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        • Full height doors: Turn any standard base cabinet with a door(s) and drawer into a full height door cabinet.  Full height doors give a unique and customized look to your kitchen and provide easier storage for larger items.  In addition, eliminating the drawer at the top gives a cleaner look.  Some customers will add roll out trays inside the cabinets to keep the ease of access that a drawer provides.  Other customers will opt for tall trash pull-outs that wouldn’t fit if there were a top drawer.  Full height doors are also perfect for cabinets that will be under a countertop overhang, like the back of an island, where a drawer would be inaccessible and useless.
          • Complementary colors: If you’re looking for a way to make your kitchen more interesting, why not introduce some color? The Wolf Expression Series comes with the Wolf Classic Complements, great for accenting your kitchen in all the right ways. With shades of blues, greens and grays available, these Wolf Classic Complements will really make your kitchen pop. Pair your cabinets with a classic butcher block countertop for a fun and fresh kitchen.

            The majority Wolf Classic Expression Series cabinets are prefabricated, in stock and ready to be shipped, meaning you can get your cabinets in as little as a few weeks. If you include any modifications, customizations or special order cabinets, then your turnaround time will be a bit higher typically no more than 10 weeks. The longer time is worth it for cabinets that have been customized to your liking, though! With a five-year warranty, you can rest easy knowing these cabinets are protected. Another great bonus about our Wolf Expression Series? They come with ADA cabinet availability! Perfect for anyone looking for cabinets that specifically address the needs of those with disabilities, these cabinets are a great option. 

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                While the JSI and Wolf Classic cabinets are some of our most popular cabinet brands, we do carry a few others. 

                  Other Cabinets At-a-Glance

                  other cabinets we carry table

                    OTHER CABINETS IN DEPTH

                      Our other cabinets are perfect for every kitchen. Each has its own unique features! Here are some important things to know about our three other brands. 
                        • Customizations: All three of these additional brands come with a variety of customizations. From glass prepping to full height doors, you can have the cabinets of your dreams installed! Each of these cabinets looks great in any kitchen, from tiny homes to countryside estates.
                        • Colors: While the Woodline and Skyline Series don’t come with extended colors, they are made by the same manufacturer and you can interchange between the two lines for a truly one of a kind look! Their standard colors they have are popular, trendy and perfect for any kitchen and you can still achieve a two-toned cabinet look with their standard color choices. We recommend keeping your bottom cabinets one color and your uppers another if you choose to go the two-tone route. Another option is to ‘accent’ a particular part of your kitchen with a different finish/color, like your island, range or refrigerator area.
                        • Warranty length: One of the best perks about the Woodline, Skyline and Americana cabinets is the warranty lengths. While we have full faith in all our cabinets that they are some of the most durable and strongest cabinets on the market, sometimes things happen beyond anyone’s control. Having the warranty in place for years down the line is an important feature of these cabinets. Customers who choose these cabinets can rest easy knowing that their cabinets are covered for years to come.
                        Choosing the right cabinets for your home is an essential part of the renovation and/or homebuilding process. Whether you’re choosing cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, it’s important that you pick the right ones for your budget and design style. With all the options here, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect ones for you!

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