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4 Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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At Wholesale Cabinet Supply, we focus on creating kitchen cabinets that are built to last and will perfectly match your preferred kitchen style. Gray is one of the most adaptable colors, with its ability to pivot from a background shade to a statement. That’s why you should consider our array of gray kitchen cabinet ideas for your next building project. 

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1. Modern Gray Cabinets

Gray has enjoyed a key role in home decor for decades. That doesn’t mean its popularity is waning, though. While home designers no longer consider the monochromatic look to be cutting edge, the color gray will always have a place at the table. 

Keep in mind that your choices are not limited to a single shade. With many gray tones to choose from, our kitchen cabinetry collection offers several options for this timeless color. Plus, with choices like glossy finishes, door styles and light-to-dark shading, the gray kitchen cabinets you select infuse any modern kitchen with contemporary flair. Whether you prefer shaker cabinets or the sleeker look of European cabinets, you will find that gray shows off the design.

2. Matching Gray Cabinets With Bright, Colored Cabinets

Get creative with cabinet color pairings that are playful and fun. White is the classic choice for a crisp contrast. White brings out the best qualities of gray. In turn, gray tends to make the white look brighter. You can pair gray cabinets at floor level with white ones up top for an eye-pleasing result.

However, white is not the only color that pairs well with gray. For example, dark blue cabinets create a rich, welcoming contrast when combined with gray cupboards and drawers. You can use the colors side-by-side or separately in different areas of the room. Alternatively, try a forest-green kitchen island with a butcher block countertop. The contrast with gray cabinetry and wood-toned vinyl plank flooring is inspired.

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3. Gray Shaker vs. Raised-Panel Cabinets

Shaker-style has a recessed panel. Gray shaker cabinets make a fresh statement year after year because they never look dated. Raised-panel kitchen cabinets, in contrast, have a raised center panel. Either style gives classic, clean lines and timeless elegance. They are not flashy or ornate. Instead, simplicity is the essence of their enduring appeal.

Whichever style you choose, they leave room for colorful accents that bring out their intrinsic beauty. For instance, red countertop appliances add an eye-catching contrast to dark gray cabinets. Natural tones, such as tan hemp area rugs, blend beautifully with gray as well.

4. Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen With Gray Cabinets

The decorative accents in a kitchen, in large part, determine the overall ambiance of the room. Adding a variety of textures, colors and sparkles help your gray cabinets come alive.

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Add shimmery gold door and drawer pulls to dress up gray cabinets for upscale appeal. Granite countertops with subtle hints of gold echo the sparkle. A golden mini-chandelier light works well with this type of kitchen decor. Also, consider picking up the gold tones in your table coverings and dish towels.

For a more understated look, farmhouse decor elements are a natural look with gray cabinets. Add a farmhouse sink, white wooden drawer handles, butcher-block countertops and light tan plank flooring to complete this contemporary farmhouse effect.

When you want an infusion of color, add vibrant textiles and accessories that bring out the best in the gray. For example, floral dishtowels and placemats provide a fresh contrast to the adaptable tones of gray cabinets. A mosaic tile backsplash breathes new life into your kitchen decor while creating a lovely contrast.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Add Value

When you choose our quality gray cabinets for your contemporary kitchen, you make it more appealing, both for your family and potential buyers. Because gray is such a versatile yet subtle color, it works well with all sorts of home decor ideas. It also infuses your living space with classic appeal, making it a fresh, more welcoming environment.

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