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The Ultimate Guide: How to Increase Home Value

February 18, 2022 8 min read

The Ultimate Guide: How to Increase Home Value-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

As a homeowner, you might have spent some time wondering how you plan to increase your home’s value. Home value is a huge part of anyone’s journey into owning a home. Your home’s value directly influences your property tax value and how much you can list your home for, if you choose to sell it. Many homeowners spend lots of time trying to find ways to increase their home’s value so they can have a large return on their investment. We’ve put together this ultimate guide to help you decide what is best for you to use to increase your home’s value.

Increasing Home Value at-a-Glance

Increasing Home Value at-a-Glance Table


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. In fact, most home buyers claim the kitchen is one of two rooms they make their bid decisions on, so it’s important that your kitchen be the star of your home value increasing efforts. The biggest areas you’ll want to address in increasing the value of your home in your kitchen are the cabinets, lighting, floor and appliances. 


Your kitchen cabinets make or break the design of your kitchen. Getting the right set of cabinets is essential to ensuring that your kitchen design is successful. Most homeowners reported in 2020 that they did complete cabinet replacements during their kitchen upgrades – and for good reason! Cabinets these days come in a variety of styles and with an abundance of features, making each kitchen unique in its own right. For many homeowners, the cabinet replacement seems like a huge undertaking, but when bringing on the help of friends or professionals, you can easily complete the tasks in no time. Opt for features such as soft-close drawers or prepping doors for glass. Mix it up with some open shelving options, too – perfect for showing off family heirloom pieces, such as china, or storing frequently used items, such as coffee mugs. 

bright kitchen with white cabinets


In kitchens, you’ll want lighting that is both functional and makes a statement. Recessed lighting is perfect in kitchens because it gives you a lot of light from a little space. You’ll easily find that cooking and eating in your kitchen is a better experience when you have better light. If you have windows in your kitchen, now’s the time to use them. Move appliances from blocking the windows and let all the natural light in. Natural light is a great way to make spaces feel open and larger, which is perfect if you have a smaller kitchen. If you have an island or a peninsula, consider adding pendant lighting or some type of statement lighting above it. That will draw eyes toward the island or peninsula, which is perfect for making your kitchen space stand out. 

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The floors you use in your kitchen matter. Since the floors in your kitchen will get dirty often, it’s important you use a type of flooring that’s durable and moisture-resistant. Our luxury vinyl flooring is great for kitchens because it stands strong even in the toughest of circumstances. From food falling to pets and kids running around, vinyl flooring is the best choice for kitchens everywhere.  


If there’s anywhere in your home to show off some unique appliances, it’s the kitchen. Stainless steel is still the king of all appliances, mainly because it’s easy to clean and resists germs and bacteria. Depending on your budget, installing premium appliances that offer unique features will really increase your home’s value. Ditch the countertop microwave and instead install it above your kitchen sink or stove. Use a fridge that has a deep drawer for the freezer or allows you to see the inside of the fridge without needing to open the door. Make sure your sink faucet has a spray nozzle, and even consider adding a reverse osmosis water nozzle so that you can drink water straight from the tap!

Living Room

The living room is the second area people will congregate in a home. If they’re not using the kitchen, then most homeowners will use their living room to host friends and family. Here are some things you can do to ensure that your living room increases in value.

view living room home interior


Recessed lighting is great for living rooms. It gives you a lot of light without needing to take up much space. Since the lights are recessed into the ceiling, it makes your living room feel taller and more open. If you use a chandelier or other type of light, then the space will feel much smaller. You should also consider having a floor lamp or even a smaller table lamp for those nights where you just want to curl up on the couch to read a book or watch a film. The space should feel cozy and warm, not dreary and dank.


Living room floors should be durable since the kids, pets, friends and family will be spending time there. For many, that means installing vinyl or another durable flooring. Some homeowners opt for hardwood, but hardwood floors require a lot of maintenance that vinyl doesn’t. Hardwood floors also scratch and warp easily, especially if they get wet. If you know your home is busy – and you want the floors to retain their value for years to come – then you should install vinyl.

Technology features

There are lots of unique technology features these days you can incorporate into your living room. From lights that change color with the shades on the television screen to remote-controlled window shades, these items are perfect additions to your home and will only add value to the property. They don’t have to be added all at once, either. These are smaller projects that typically only take one or two days to complete. They’re perfect for the homeowners who have a lot on their plate and don’t have much free time to dedicate to home renovation projects. 


The bathroom is another area homeowners should focus on when looking to increase the value of their home. For many homeowners, this space is the most difficult to plan because a bathroom is supposed to be a place of peace and tranquility. It’s tough to gauge how individuals will view a bathroom design, but there are some staples you could incorporate that are sure to increase the value of your bathroom.

white cabinetry in home bathroom


The storage options in a home’s bathroom – master bath or not – are essential for ensuring it has a high value. Consider using RTA cabinets so that you can easily assemble them yourself. That way, you can put money towards some more expensive features or items in your bathroom that will really increase the value of the space. Just because you’re installing RTA cabinets doesn’t mean they’re lower quality. In fact, our NorthPoint Cabinetry is a highly durable, quality cabinet that comes ready-to-assemble because we know how important affordability is during a renovation. Consider using a mixture of drawers and cabinets in your bathroom so that you can create a vanity space. Dual sinks are always a good option if you have the space, and a shelf or two in the bathroom cabinets really goes a long way to maximizing your storage space in the bathroom. To elevate the cabinets, use unique hardware. Cup handles are classy but bring a rustic element to any design, whereas glass knobs really make a set of cabinets feel vintage and antique. 

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The bathing experience in a bathroom is an important part of its value. Choose a tub/shower combo or separate them, depending on the size of your space. An antique clawfoot tub will always increase a vintage home’s value, especially if you can prove the tub would have been around at the same time the house was built. For homeowners who want luxury in their bathrooms, a rainfall showerhead is the ultimate luxury piece. Matte black fixtures go a long way in making the space feel unique. Contrast it with bright white tiles and you’ll really increase your home’s value. Consider adding jets or other massaging features to your tub/shower so that you can do more than just bathe in it. 


The bedrooms in your home don’t usually need much – but they do need to be spaces where people can get away from all the hustle and bustle of life. Here are some things you can do to increase the value of your bedrooms. 


If you’re going to use carpet anywhere in your home, reserve it for the bedrooms. That way, everyone’s feet will be happy – and not freezing cold when getting out of bed in the mornings! If you decide to avoid carpet through your entire home, then be sure to put down some thick, plush rugs. Rugs also help to save the integrity of your flooring. It prevents nicks and moisture buildup. 


The closets in the bedrooms should be large enough to hold clothes, shoes and other storage needs, such as spare bedding. Consider creating a walk-in closet for your master bedroom to really increase the value. It doesn’t have to include a seating area or ceiling-high shelves for shoes and other accessories (unless you have the space in your budget for it), but expanding the closet space in the largest bedroom will greatly increase the value of the space.

the home backyard features


A home’s backyard is another space where you can entertain, so you shouldn’t neglect it. A backyard that has a variety of fun features will increase a home’s value. 


Put some green in your backyard. Depending on the area you live in, consider adding plants and flowers that grow well in your climate, or go for perennials – flowers that can grow year-round in any climate. Good landscaping will keep your home’s value at the high end. You can use hedges to create a natural fence, plant a garden to bring in fresh herbs and produce or you can add a fun walking path using stones and soil. 

Entertainment features

Whether you install a water feature, a pool or an outdoor projector system, entertainment features for your backyard are a must. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, a table and chairs with an umbrella and some throw pillows will go a long way. You can switch out the pillows or outdoor furniture as the seasons change so that your decor always looks fresh and new!


Consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard to really increase your home’s value. A stove, sink, grill and smoker are just a few of the appliances you can put in your backyard that will cause your home’s value to skyrocket. Complete it with a bar or island with seating for your family and guests to enjoy. Future home buyers will love it! If you are considering outdoor cabinetry, ask one of our designers for help in selecting and planning the right cabinets for your space.  

Front Yard

Your front yard is the first thing people see as they pass by. It’s important that you keep it up and fresh so that the value stays high!


Choose crisp, clean landscaping for the front of your home. Simple flowers and plants that are easy to maintain are an important part of curb appeal. 


The color of your home will have a huge impact on its value. Be sure to choose something neutral or looks good with the landscape around it. If you live in a neighborhood with HOAs, you probably have guidelines that you need to follow when it comes to your home’s curb appeal.

the home foundation tips


Your home’s foundation is a large part of its value. Even if your home looks great, if the bones are bad, then so is your home’s value. Be sure to caulk any windows, seal up any cracks, check the heating/cooling system and insulate your attic and basement to decrease your carbon footprint. 


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