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Kitchen Cabinets and Flooring Combinations

Chances are you’re going to be living with your chosen kitchen cabinets and floors for several years, so it can be nerve-wracking to decide what combo to choose. They should complement each other, creating a cohesive look that reflects your style while offering the function you need and desire. The following are tips for choosing kitchen cabinets and flooring combinations before your next room update.

Take Your Counters Into Consideration

You shouldn’t only think about your kitchen cabinets and flooring when you’re planning your kitchen; the counters also need to be a factor. The three should all create a cohesive look rather than seeming like pure chaos. For example, let’s say you have dark counters you love and plan on keeping. Light-colored RTA cabinets could be a great pairing along with pale flooring. If you're planning on replacing your counters at the same time you're swapping out your kitchen cabinets and flooring, you then have a bigger project on your hands. However, don't get overwhelmed. The key is to make sure all three areas work together in terms of style and color.

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Think About the Vibe of the Kitchen

The vibe you want the kitchen to have needs to matter in your planning. For instance, if you want a relaxed, soothing energy with a coastal feel, you’re likely going to opt for softer shades rather than choosing all-black cabinets, and a retro vibe would involve shades like neon green or bright orange. Should you want moody and drama, you’re probably going to stay away from a white and pale green color scheme in favor of hues like midnight blue.

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Determine the Color Scheme You Want

As great as it is to consider trends, what’s most important is the color scheme you most desire for your kitchen. Trends come and go, but your kitchen is likely going to last much longer. Let’s say you want the previously mentioned moody, dramatic kitchen complete with black cabinetry, and everyone is telling you to go more traditional. Forget that and get what you want and what makes you happy.

If you want black cabinetry, consider pairings like white counters and driftwood color Stonecreek SPC click flooring or black cabinetry with gray counters and charcoal gray flooring. It’s all about creating balance.

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Choose a Standout Color

Consider making at least one color in the kitchen a standout color. For example, instead of having an entirely neutral color palette between the floors, cabinets and counters, choose shaker style cabinets in a shade like Nassau Mythic Blue, a hue you could easily pair with light flooring and walls.

Don’t be afraid to take chances with color. You could have a vibrant sunshine yellow or bright teal accent wall if you so desire. Again, it’s all about balance, so if you want a colorful, dynamic accent wall, consider counters and flooring in lighter shades.

Factor in the Lighting

Lighting matters in the kitchen, not just for the overall look but also for safety purposes while you're meal prepping, cooking or baking. It’s especially important if you’re opting for vinyl plank flooring, cabinetry and/or counters in a darker color scheme. Make sure to first gauge how the colors will look in natural light and the artificial light you want or already have before making the final product choices.

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Take Time Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinets and Flooring

It’s exciting renovating your kitchen, but it’s not a process you want to rush. You may get excited about one color scheme one day and change your mind the next. Take your time deciding what’s really right for you, your style and your preferences. Remember that you’re going to be staring at your finished kitchen for a long time, so make it worth looking at and being in.

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