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Quick Ship Cabinets: Introducing the Express Series

Homeowners everywhere can all agree that one of the toughest parts of homeownership is keeping up with all the new trends to continue adding value to your home. There are lots of ways you can tell whether or not you’re getting a return on your investment when owning a home, but one of the best pieces of advice often given includes doing remodels. Each room in your home should experience at least one remodel while you live there. 

Remodels can take huge amounts of time and money. Materials can vary in their expense, and if you’ve hired a team to complete the remodel, then you’ll have to pay them labor. But, one of the worst parts of a remodel is waiting for everything to arrive. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Express Cabinets Series! These cabinets have all the same qualities and similar features as our other cabinets, but with one major bonus — they ship fast! 

Express Series Features

Our newest series has a variety of features that you’ll love to put into your home. Whether you install them as kitchen cabinets, in your laundry room or even your bathroom, they’ll look great anywhere. Here are some of our other favorite features of our Express Series of cabinets.

Our Express Cabinets Have All the Features You Need!

  • Made in America: That’s right! If you’re big on buying American, then these cabinets are perfect for you. Since they’re made right here in the country, you can purchase knowing you’re helping to give fellow Americans a job and keep them employed. 
  • Fully Assembled: Many cabinets that ship quickly come unassembled. Our Express Series will arrive to you fully assembled and ready to install! This is perfect for homeowners who don’t have a lot of experience navigating remodels or renovations. All you’ll need to do is install the cabinets into your space! 
a large white kitchen with an island
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: Built traditionally, these cabinets look great in any space. Regardless of your design style, our Express Series will look perfect in your home. Just order your free kitchen cabinet samples to see how they’ll look in your space! 
  • Soft Close Drawers: The days of slamming a cabinet door or drawer shut are long over. Our Express Series features soft close drawers! A staple on all our cabinets, we’re proud to offer this feature with our Express Series as well.
  • Adjustable Shelves: Not all bakeware and cookware are created equal. Dishes, drinkware and cooking utensils all have different sizes and heights. That’s why we’re glad to offer adjustable shelves with our Express Series! You can store everything you need in your cabinets without worrying whether or not they’ll fit. 

How Do I Order Express Series Cabinets?

That’s a great question! Lucky for you, we’ve made the process easy. 

Get Your Kitchen Cabinets

  • Step One: Measure Your Kitchen. Measuring your kitchen is the first step in ordering new cabinets. You’ll need to determine the square footage of your space and the layout you’re keeping. Many basic layouts are based on a 10x10 kitchen design; however, each house is different, so it’s important that you take the time to design a layout that looks best with the measurements of your space.
  • Step Two: Consult with a Design Specialist. We offer free kitchen designs to all our customers, which is the perfect next step to order your Express cabinets! You’ll speak with one of our expert designers to visualize your kitchen space and make your dream kitchen a reality. This is a great way to really envision how your cabinets will look in your home. It’s perfect for choosing paint colors, backsplash and flooring!
  • Step Three: Order Your Cabinets. After consulting with one of our designers, order your cabinets! We currently offer two stains that look great in every kitchen. White and gray cabinets pair well with countertops and backsplashes of all different colors and materials. 
the express series free shipping promotion zones map

Get Free Shipping When You Order Express Series

Because we’re so excited about the launch of our Express Series, we’re currently offering free shipping on qualifying cabinet orders! The area you’re shipping to will determine your minimum cost in order to receive this awesome deal. Just take a look at our handy map to find your region. 

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