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Series Spotlight: JSI Cabinetry Designer Series

As you upgrade your kitchen, there are lots of considerations you’ll need to make. Our selection of Designer Series cabinets are perfect for elevating your kitchen to the next level while staying within a reasonable budget. With these cabinets, you can get your dream kitchen, worthy of a front-page cover for every home decor magazine out there. 


Featuring all plywood boxes, our Designer Series cabinets come standard with a high-quality, dovetail construction that provides maximum strength and stability. The base cabinets have plywood I-beams and the wall cabinets come with ⅝” solid wood hanging rails.  Of course, upgrades like full extension soft close drawers and soft close hinges are standard as well.  

Customizations and Expanded Selections

We offer unique modifications to enhance your experience and elevate your kitchen. 

Finished interiors for painted cabinets: Considering adding glass doors to your wall cabinet? We can finish the interior of any of our Designer Series painted cabinets so your cabinet appears seamless.

Expanded finish options: Looking for a pop of color to add to your kitchen? Our Designer Series cabinets come with a variety of fashionable Accent Colors available. That means we can keep you in line with the latest trends without having to upgrade your budget to a more expensive line of cabinetry. They’re perfect for kitchen islands or sink and range areas–what are considered the focal points of every kitchen! The available Accent colors are Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Greige, Sage, Light Gray, Steel Gray, Dark Gray and Charcoal.  Ask one of our designers for more information and pricing if you are interested in including these in your kitchen.  

Expanded SKU’s: Part of keeping up with kitchen trends is having more functional cabinets.  Here are just a few of the cabinets we offer in the Designer Series to give your kitchen the best functionality:  

  • Two drawer bases - Typical drawer bases have 3 drawers, two deeper ones and a standard drawer at the top.  Two drawer bases eliminate the top drawer and make both of the bottom drawers deeper.  This means you can store larger pots and pans that might not fit in regular drawer bases. 
  • Farm Sink Bases - Farm sinks or apron front sinks are all the rage these days.  But oftentimes a standard sink base won’t work with these specialized sinks.  Our Farm Sink Bases solve this problem by having a large apron at the top that can accommodate up to a 12” cutout for a sink apron.  You or your installer will need to do the actual cutting once the cabinet arrives, but beyond that, there are no other modifications needed to accommodate most apron sinks. 

Glass door cabinets, organizers, depth modifications and tons more! Every kitchen is unique. We proudly offer cabinetry experts who can guide you in designing your perfect kitchen right over the phone or online. Contact us at or 800-917-7736 with some information about your kitchen and which Designer Series cabinets you’re interested in, and we’ll do the rest!

JSI Cabinetry Island


Our Designer Series cabinets are usually in stock and typically ready to ship once your order is processed. Depending on whether you order them RTA or Fully Assembled, they’ll typically arrive between two and five weeks after you order. Seasonality can affect this so please check with our office if you are under a tight timeline.  

Fully Assembled: Our fully assembled cabinets are perfect for customers who have a bit more time in their renovation project. Even though they’re a little more expensive, the labor is minimal. They’re already put together and all you have to do is install them! If you’re DIY-ing your kitchen reno, fully assembled cabinets are the best option because there’s no stress in trying to figure out which part goes where.  

RTA: If you’re renovating on a tighter budget, or you have a tighter turnaround time for your renovation, ordering our cabinets RTA is the best option for you. You’ll get them faster, but you or your contractor will have to put them together. We include all the hardware you need, though, plus some handy assembly videos that should help you assemble them faster. On average, it takes between 20 and 40 minutes for each cabinet. Once you get going, though, you’ll realize just how easy it is to assemble your cabinets.

JSI Cabinetry in a Kitchen

Best-Seller Door Styles

The best-selling door styles in this series are mainly our shaker styled Dover and Essex. While highly similar, the difference between the two styles is the top drawer front. Essex cabinets feature a 5-piece drawer, whereas the Dover features a smooth slab. We love both styles, so pick the one that matches your decor theme best! Here are some of our specific best-seller door styles:

  • Dover White Shaker Cabinets: Who doesn’t love a trendy white cabinet door? Our Dover white cabinets are perfect for the homeowner who wants their kitchen to feel on-trend, bright and clean. Pair them with a white marble countertop for a seamless look.
  • Essex Castle: These cabinets feature beautiful dark grey paint that goes well in practically every kitchen space. Grey cabinets are hitting a trend right now, mainly because they pair so well with lots of different backsplashes and countertops. Pair these cabinets with brass handles and a bright countertop for a fun kitchen.
  • Dover Lunar: If you thought a dark grey painted cabinet was fun, you’ll love our Dover Lunar cabinets! Featuring a dark grey stain, our Lunar cabinets give your kitchen a natural feel, all while maintaining a trendy look. 
  • Trenton Slab in Ivory: Soft and tranquil, our Trenton Slab style also comes recessed, so it’s tough to say which one’s more popular. Ivory cabinets are making waves in kitchen decor circles. They are perfect to pair with accent colors because they still look clean, but they add some more personality to your kitchen than stark white or black cabinets do. Pair them with copper handles and a neutral countertop for a true farmhouse style kitchen.

Click below to shop our full selection of Designer Series cabinets and find just the right style and finish for your kitchen!  

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