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Skyline Cabinetry Spotlight: Introducing the Skyline Series

Ever considered designing your kitchen to look like something from a modern European home? Well, now you can! Our Skyline Cabinetry Series is perfect to make your European style cabinet dreams come true. Let’s dive in and talk a bit more about why these cabinets are the next best thing for your renovated space.

Skyline Cabinetry Features

Like all our products, our Skyline cabinets have a variety of features you’re sure to love. Here are some of the highlights we want you to know:

  • European Style, American Craftsmanship: Just because they have a glossy finish and look like something out of a Vogue catalog doesn’t mean you’ll lose the American craftsmanship most of our cabinets are known for. In fact, our Skyline cabinets are made here in America, so you know that you’re receiving a high quality product.  
  • Free shipping on certain orders: Our Skyline cabinets will ship to you for free when you spend a predetermined amount based on your specific region. 
  • Quick shipping: You don’t have to wait very long for these great kitchen cabinets! Our Skyline cabinets ship out within two to three weeks, arriving at your doorstep typically within a month. Of course, there are many reasons an order could be delayed, but, on average, you’ll have your cabinets to you within a month of ordering! 

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  • Custom made, just for you: Because we know every kitchen is unique, our Skyline series is built with your unique space in mind. These cabinets are custom made to meet your needs. Prepped for glass? We can do that. Open shelving? Yep, we can do that, too. Soft close drawers? Standard on all our cabinets. No matter what you need, we can work with you to ensure you receive the cabinets of your dreams. You can also order a set of free kitchen cabinet samples so you can envision our Skyline cabinets in your space. 
Finished interior cabinets
  • Finished interior cabinets: One of the worst things is when you order open shelving that’s unfinished. Who wants cabinets that look like you just took a door off the front? Not us! This is why we proudly offer finished cabinet interiors on our Skyline series cabinets so that your cabinets never have to look haphazard. And, if we’re being honest, there’s just something about an open shelving situation that screams luxury — especially when the interior is finished and matches the rest of the cabinets.

Skyline Series Cabinet Finishes

Our Skyline cabinets come in a glossy finish. This makes them appear as though they have an acrylic overlay on their doors and drawers. When paired with an oblong metal handle, these cabinets look like they belong on the cover of an interior design magazine. We currently offer two glossy finish colors, and both look great in a variety of kitchens. Whether you choose our High Gloss White finish or our High Gloss Metallic finish, we know you’ll be satisfied with the elevated, luxurious and contemporary look of our Skyline cabinets.

Designing Your Kitchen with Skyline Cabinets

In love with our Skyline series but aren’t sure how to design the rest of your kitchen? Here are some ideas:

modern open kitchen

  • Backsplash: A classic modern subway tile looks great with our Skyline series, but exposed brick, a dark black subway tile or even a fun herringbone pattern would really make these cabinets shine. 

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  • FlooringVinyl plank flooring, a classic penny tile or even a sleek finished cement would make these Skyline cabinets stand out. If you’re going for a modern industrial look, then cement floors are the way to go. 
  • Hardware: Oblong metal bars are the best hardware choice for these cabinets, but you could also switch it up and make your cabinets feel seamless by not having handles for your upper cabinets and only using them for your lower drawers. This would really make your kitchen cabinets appear futuristic and modern, perfect for the homeowner who wants their kitchen to be a contemporary dream. 
  • Lighting: Black iron pendant lights or even a starburst statement light are both great options to go with a set of Skyline cabinets. Consider a futuristic dome pendant light as well to really drive home this modern-kitchen feel. 

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