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9 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

January 11, 2021 3 min read

9 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

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Bathroom storage space never seems to be enough, right? No matter how you try to arrange the items in your vanity, drawers overflow and you start to pull your hair out. Here at Wholesale Cabinet Supply, we’ve put together a list of small bathroom storage ideas that will make your bathroom feel larger and like the relaxing space it’s intended to be. 

  • Add hooks to your cabinet doors. On the inside of your cabinet doors, add a few adhesive hooks. Use them to hang your hair tools, or even hang a small wire rack to place some additional products. You can even do the same thing with your medicine cabinet door. 
  • Upgrade your cabinets. One of the main things you can do to increase the storage in your bathroom is to upgrade the cabinets. Our new bathroom vanity cabinets have great features and we can customize the perfect design for your bathroom needs. Whether you need more drawers or one large space under the sink, we can guide you through the bathroom cabinet design process.

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  • Go vertical. There are lots of ways you can go vertical in your bathroom. Whether it’s hanging small wicker baskets on the walls or installing floating shelves, you can add lots of unique vertical storage items in order to increase your storage space. Make sure you only place items in the hanging storage containers that are lightweight. You don’t want anything falling from your walls.

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  • Use dividers and containers. In your bathroom cabinet drawers, you’ll want to use dividers and containers. These will help you keep similar items together. There are lots of different items you can use as storage containers: coffee mugs, canvas totes, traditional plastic containers, glass vases or even wooden boxes. Our best advice is to use a mix of storage containers in different shapes and sizes.
  • Invest in some magnetic strips. Always losing bobby pins or nail clippers? Add some magnetic strips to the inside of your cabinet door. Any metal beauty tools you have will snap right onto the magnetic strip – and they shouldn’t fall off. From cuticle clippers to hair trimmers, anything metal can be stored right on the magnetic strip.
  • Place things under the sink. Sometimes, you just don’t know what to do with that cabinet under the sink. That’s okay! There are a lot of things you can do with it. Store bathroom cleaning supplies, recycled plastic grocery bags to use as liners for your trash cans or store toilet paper. Keeping the items you use in the bathroom under the sink makes it easier for you because you don’t have to go looking for them elsewhere.

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  • Use pieces that belong in other rooms. Just because you found that glass cabinet in the dining room section of the home furniture store doesn’t mean it has to stay in the dining room. One of the best ways you can increase storage in your small bathroom is to use pieces that technically belong in other rooms of your home. Whether it’s a paper towel stand doubling as a scrunchie holder or a bar cart doubling as a portable manicure station, using other household furniture is not only innovative, but might save you some money in the long run.
  • Install a trendy medicine cabinet. One of the more recent trends in bathroom renovation has been to remove the medicine cabinet. Instead, many homeowners replaced them with flat mirrors, flush against the bathroom wall. While this look is great, people with smaller bathrooms know just how important those medicine cabinet shelves are for storage. If your current medicine cabinet is looking a little dated, or you don’t have one but know you desperately need one, find one that’s trendy and unique. A round mirror that opens to a shelving unit is perfect. In fact, a trendy and modern medicine cabinet looks great with our antique white cabinets.
  • Mount your towels. Whether you use a wine rack as a towel holder or you hang a closet cube organizer and fill it with your fluffy towels, putting your towels up on the wall will seriously free up storage space in your bathroom cabinet. If you have minimal wall space, a small wicker basket in the corner of your bathroom right next to your bathtub is a great alternative to storing your towels under the sink. Make sure to roll them instead of folding them to optimize the amount of towels you can fit in one area. 

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