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How to Choose Unique Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a huge part of any kitchen design. They’re what make up most of your kitchen, after all! It’s important that you choose kitchen cabinets that are practical, efficient and make your kitchen space look great. But, if you’ve never chosen kitchen cabinets before, you might not know where to start – and even if you have chosen cabinets before, you might be wondering how to find ways to make your kitchen cabinets unique and set apart from all the other designs out there. Here are some of the most unique kitchen cabinet ideas for your space. 

Our Top Picks

There are lots of cabinets out there, but some stand out from the rest, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinet designs. When it comes to unique kitchen cabinets, you want to focus on finding something that is created differently than the rest and also has features you can’t get anywhere else. Here are our top picks:

  • Skyline SeriesOur Skyline Series offers European-style cabinets. They’re perfect for anyone looking for a more modern, sleek look in their kitchen. The flat front doors look great in any kitchen. Our Skyline Series has two high gloss finishes that will bring a shine to your kitchen that most don’t have. With a variety of customization options, such as prepping for glass, no door cabinets and custom depths, you can get the kitchen cabinet design of your dreams. 

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  • Woodline SeriesOur Woodline Series is from the same manufacturer as the Skyline Series, making them a logical selection for our top picks.  While they are more traditional in their styling, they have several unique and trendy colors, like Nassau Mythic Blue, Napa Blended Cream and Norwood Deep Onyx.  They can be paired with cabinets from the Skyline Series to create a truly unique look in your kitchen.  Picture a High Gloss White European styled kitchen with a Nassau Mythic Blue island.  On top of all of this, they also have many of the same customizations available as the Skyline series.
  • NorthPoint CabinetryOur line of NorthPoint cabinets is filled with unique cabinet designs. With all the standard features (plus a little extra), NorthPoint cabinets are perfect for anyone looking for a unique look in their kitchen design while maintaining a budget. Since NorthPoint Cabinetry is owned by Hardware Resources, a leading cabinet hardware and organizer provider, they also have tons of unique cabinet organizers to help finish out your kitchen.  

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Our top picks are available with quick lead times as well! In fact, both our Skyline Series and Woodline Series typically have a factory built turnaround time of only 3-4 weeks while any of the finishes from NorthPoint Cabinetry have a lightning quick 2-3 week lead time. Considering the average build time for factory built cabinets is six to eight weeks, you’re sure to have your unique cabinet design sooner rather than later!  

Ways to Make Your Design Unique

The cabinets in your kitchen are just one of the many ways you can make your design unique. Here are some tips for making your space one-of-a-kind! 

  • Prep them for glassGlass cabinets are beautiful in a variety of kitchen designs. Whether you’re going for rustic farmhouse or French chic, getting your cabinet doors prepped for glass will let you show off different plates, accent decor and anything else in your kitchen you’d want others to see.
  • Find interesting hardwareMany homeowners forget that the hardware they choose for their cabinetry can go a long way in creating an aesthetic with their design. Consider glass knobs, metal bars or even brass cup-shaped handles for an interesting design feature. 

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  • Consider open shelvingSimilar to prepping for glass, open shelving simply means that you have shelves in your kitchen with no cabinet base or door. This is great for people who frequently use their kitchen. Make sure you put the items that you use frequently on your open shelves so that you can access them easily and they won’t get dusty from sitting out. 

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  • Use different colors: Did you know that colors can elicit emotions? That’s right! Different colors can make you feel different ways. From temperature to emotion, color is an important part of any design. If you’re looking for a way to bring something unique to your kitchen design, consider using two different colors in your cabinets. We recommend having one color for your uppers and another for your lowers, or have one color for the cabinets lining your walls and another for your kitchen island. Don’t overdo it, though. Choose colors that complement each other and use the hardware to tie them together. 
  • Get creative with your islandA lot of homeowners will focus on having a sink, oven, cooktop and seating at the kitchen island. But, while you consider these options, why not think outside the box to create an island that is both functional and unique? Your kitchen island is a space for innovation, and bringing in open door cabinets, varied height cabinets and cabinet drawers of all different sizes can really increase the efficiency of your kitchen organization.
  • Hide your fridgeEver thought about hiding your fridge seamlessly in your kitchen design? If not, now’s your chance! An integrated kitchen design that’s sleek and modern includes a hidden fridge. Instead of traditional stainless steel doors, you can get fridge doors that mimic your cabinet doors, blending seamlessly into your kitchen design. How cool is that? It might take you a bit to remember which doors are for your fridge, though – just look for the ones that run the length of your kitchen wall!

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