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Cabinet Spotlight: WeatherStrong Cabinets Are Perfect for Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs

January 16, 2023 3 min read

Cabinet Spotlight: WeatherStrong Cabinets Are Perfect for Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

Outfit your outdoor entertainment space with an open-air kitchen. You won't have to heat up the house to keep your family and friends well-fed with cooked meals all summer long. Choose from Wholesale Cabinet Supply’s wholesale cabinets made for outdoor use. Your open-air kitchen will add an upscale flair to your landscape for years to come. It's a home improvement that may add significant value to your property too. In many cases, an outdoor kitchen returns more than 55% of its cost. Find out more about the benefits of WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinets below!

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What Are WeatherStrong Cabinets?

These outdoor kitchen cabinets are great-looking, craftsman-grade units made of a specially developed ¾-inch All-Weatherboard® composite material. They are designed to be tough against the elements. These cabinets also boast contemporary good looks and classic styles that remain relevant over years of use.

What Colors Do They Come In?

With more than a dozen colors to choose from, there's a cabinet style that is sure to blend beautifully with your outdoor kitchen. They come in both designer wood grain and solid finishes. For example, complement your lake house landscape with exterior cabinets in a rich sapphire blue. Pair your sleek, stainless-steel appliances with cabinets in dark ash for a modern, monochrome effect. Create a wonderful woodland look by selecting cabinets in emerald green. 

outdoor patio kitchen setup blue

What Styles Are Available?

Our outdoor cabinet selection features four different door styles to choose from: 

  • Miami: sleek and smooth finish for an on-trend vibe 
  • Sanibel: featuring four subtly etched lines 
  • Daytona: a centered, vertical shutter-style design 
  • Tampa: a centered, horizontal shutter-style design 

All these styles are classic and evergreen, so you won't need to update them in a year or two. 

Outdoor Cabinets Versus Indoor Cabinets

We offer a comprehensive selection of wholesale cabinets at Wholesale Cabinet Supply, including indoor and outdoor cabinets. Our indoor cabinets are beautiful and durable for normal use, but they are not designed for exposure to the elements. 

In contrast, our WeatherStrong selection stands up against seasonal weather. White cabinets look just as bright and beautiful at the end of a harsh winter as they did the previous summer. Even pitch-black cabinets retain the same dramatic appearance year after year. The colors stay vibrant, and the All-Weatherboard® material remains unchanged despite the hot sun, downpours and even snowfall. 

Additional Features of Weatherstrong Cabinets

Our exterior cabinets feature many of the same components you would expect to find in high-quality cabinets for your interior space. Stainless steel hardware adds durability, while soft-close doors and drawers provide ultimate convenience for cooks and helpers. 

  • Hinges: Our cabinets feature rugged, stainless-steel hinges that soft close and adjust six different ways. 
  • Shelves: Durable, ¾-inch All-Weatherboard® shelves adjust to different heights to accommodate your items. 
  • Drawers: Like the cupboards, drawers feature soft closures as well as stainless steel side glides. 
  • Legs: Base cupboards feature Sure Level, adjustable legs that allow leveling on uneven surfaces like stone or brick. 

Need indoor RTA Cabinets as well?

Visit our ready-to-assemble page to find several styles of RTA cabinets in the profiles you're looking for. We offer basic kitchen packages that include a suite of units that includes base cabinets, wall-mount cabinets, corner units, pullouts and specialty units. These cabinets arrive in flat packages, ready for you to put together. They include all the fasteners you need to easily assemble them to get an upscale, professional result. 

outdoor patio kitchen setup white

Browse RTA Cabinets at WC Supply


Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home landscape is a rapidly growing trend in home improvement. It helps you and your family make the most of your outdoor living space throughout much of the year. Be sure to equip your open-air cooking space with exterior cabinets from WC Supply for a lovely, long-lasting result. 

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