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What Color Cabinets Go with Black Stainless Steel Appliances?

As a homeowner, you’ve probably often wondered what you can do to your kitchen to make it stand out more. A fun kitchen design is one that is not only timeless but incorporates modern, trendy touches. A kitchen with unique features is also always a bonus! One unique feature that many homeowners have been turning towards is black stainless steel appliances. Similar to regular stainless steel appliances, the only difference in these is that they’re black. Modern, sleek and unique, black stainless steel appliances look great in any kitchen. 

So, how do you design around them? Since cabinets are the largest (and most expensive!) part of any kitchen design, it’s important to have the right set to match your appliances. Otherwise, your entire space will feel disjointed. Here are our favorite cabinet color combinations that look great with black stainless steel appliances.

1. Contrast with whiteWhite cabinets look great in any kitchen. Clean, timeless and effortless, they instantly modernize any space. Using brass handles can make your white cabinets look vintage or antique, especially if you live in an older home. With white cabinets, you can add a variety of décor pieces to your kitchen that won’t make the space feel mismatched. Perfect for every season, white cabinets are always a great choice, especially with stainless steel black appliances. 

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2. Go bold with yellow. Just because you have stainless steel black appliances doesn’t mean that yellow cabinets will make your kitchen look like a beehive. In fact, a kitchen with soft yellow “creamy” cabinets looks delightfully vintage. If pastels aren’t really your thing, then a rich mustard yellow is also a great option. If you’re unsure about this edgy look, consider installing yellow cabinets in your kitchen island and use a neutral, such as white, for the cabinets lining your kitchen walls. Check out our Napa Blended Cream cabinets for a viable option here.  

3. Get monochromatic. Who says you can’t have black-on-black-on-black in your kitchen? While you might be worried it’ll make your space feel like something out of a horror film, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case at all. Black cabinets, like our Norwood Deep Onyx, will match your black stainless steel appliances in a unique way. Give the space some contrast by using a butcher block countertop or a white subway tile. Bright white floors are also a great option to break up the darkness of your monochromatic appliances and cabinets. Keep the monochromatics going with black metal hardware on your cabinets. 

4. Keep it natural with browns. Mixing brown and black is no longer a faux pas. Instead, many homeowners are choosing to put the colors together in different ways throughout their spaces. In the kitchen, consider pairing your black stainless steel appliances with medium brown, natural cabinets. Our Woodline cabinets are perfect for anyone looking to design their kitchen this way! It’s important to choose a kitchen design aesthetic that works for you – and if you’re looking for cabinets that never go out of style, then a natural brown is perfect for your space. 

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5. Match your cabinets with your floors. Whether you add our Stonecreek Flooring to your kitchen space, or you choose to keep your current floors, choosing cabinetry that matches your floor design makes for a seamless space. Matching elements of your design will keep your space looking fresh. Of course, if you’re not super into keeping things matching 100 percent, you can always opt for matching colors and instead place your flooring down in a pattern that’s different from your backsplash or grain of your cabinets. This will add to the unique effect that having stainless steel black appliances gives off in your kitchen space. 

6. Choose cabinets that keep things simple. Sometimes, you really just need to let your black stainless steel appliances be the showstopper of your kitchen. That means installing simple yet durable RTA cabinets with traditional hardware will really allow you to create a kitchen design that lets the appliances steal the show. Set your kitchen island using black dishware and cutlery to drive home your newfound love for black metal. 

Black stainless steel appliances are perfect for every kitchen. Whether you’re building a home brand new, or you’re renovating a 100-year-old farmhouse, installing black stainless steel appliances with cabinets that complement will make your space look beautiful.

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