Fully Assembled, Semi Custom Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry at RTA Prices... Why Shop Anywhere Else?

These days RTA cabinets are rapidly gaining in popularity.  In fact, most people shopping online are looking for RTA (Ready To Assemble) cabinets.  But at Wholesale Cabinet Supply, we specialize in selling fully assembled kitchen and bath cabinetry at prices that beat RTA prices!  

When you are remodeling a kitchen or building a new home, there are already so many moving parts going on, why make your kitchen more complicated than it has to be by buying cabinets that aren't even assembled?  

Below are just some of the advantages of shopping for fully assembled cabinets with Wholesale Cabinet Supply:

  1. Convenience - When you order your cabinets fully assembled from Wholesale Cabinet Supply, as soon as you receive them they will be ready to install.  
  2. Time - How much is your time worth?  On average, it would take someone who has never assembled a cabinet between 30 and 45 minutes to install one cabinet.  
  3. Flexibility - When you order your cabinets fully assembled from us you will have the ability to choose from several different customization options.  Perhaps you need glass doors in a cabinet that we don't offer glass doors for, we can have the doors prepped for glass.  Or perhaps you need to increase or decrease the depth of a cabinet to fit a certain area of your kitchen or give it a customized look.  All of theses modifications are available on our assembled cabinets and have the ability to transform an ordinary kitchen into something truly extraordinary.  
  4. Money - Here is the best part, it only costs $12 to assembled a wall cabinet and $18 to assembled a base or tall cabinet! 

All in all, while you may save about 5% assembling your cabinets yourself, we feel our customers are much more satisfied when they received their cabinets fully assembled and all they have to do is install them.  

So what are you waiting for?  Begin shopping today for your new cabinets!