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Please read the appropriate receiving instructions tab based on the email you received:

  • Important Update - Your Cabinet Shipment via Curbside Freight Delivery (Applies to most orders in NC, SC, GA, and FL)
  • Important Update - Your Cabinet Shipment via CDS Home Delivery


Failure to read and follow the receiving instructions below could limit your ability to successfully claim damages and report missing items.

Please note that all residential deliveries must have a delivery appointment set at least a day prior to delivery.  If you don't receive a phone call from the freight company within 24-48 hours of your order shipping, please notify us at or (800) 917-7736 extension 1 so we can get in touch with them.  Please have your order number ready when you contact us.  

Before you sign the "Proof of Delivery" and while the driver is still there:  

You have 30 MINUTES to complete this part.  Do not rush it (or let the driver rush you) and please be as thorough as possible.  

  1. COUNT - Make sure what you are receiving matches what is on the proof of delivery.  This means if it says there should be 3 pallets and 1 loose box, make sure there are 3 pallets and 1 loose box.  If something is missing, notate it on the proof of delivery BEFORE signing it.  
  2. INSPECT -
    1. All cabinet orders are packaged with cardboard, shrink wrapped, and have red tamper tape (See photos below for example).  The red tamper tape is there to ensure the cabinets show up in their original packaging.  If it has been tampered with, damaged, cut, or is missing, please notate accordingly and take a picture illustrating before signing.  
    2. Additionally, inspect the packaging itself (boxes and shrink wrap) and notate HOW MANY ITEMS HAVE ANY damage on the packaging on the proof of delivery BEFORE signing it.  Even if you think the damage is insignificant, notate and take a picture of it.  
  3. SIGN - Your signature on the proof of delivery is acknowledgement that the order has been received complete and in good condition, unless notations have been made (See steps 1 and 2 above).   
  • Wholesale Cabinet Supply will not be responsible for shortages if delivery receipt is signed without notation, accepting the order as complete.  

After the driver has left:  

You have 4 DAYS to complete this part.

  1. INVENTORY - Once you have done the above and the driver has left, you need to inspect and inventory the shipment. 
    1. Compare your order versus what you have received to make sure everything is there.  
    2. Concealed Damage - There are times when everything in a delivery looks fine, but when you open a box an item is damaged. Please open all boxes and notify Wholesale Cabinet Supply within 5 calendar days of delivery. 
  2. NOTIFY - Notify us ASAP (within 5 days) of any of the above so we can take care of it.  
    1. If you have damaged/missing items, please check complete order prior to notifying Wholesale Cabinet Supply
    2. All items received must be inspected within 5 calendar days of receipt
    3. Email photos of all damages along with description of cabinet and damaged part that needs to be replaced to

Damages/diescrepancies will be replaced as long as Wholesale Cabinet Supply has been notified within the specified timeframes and the instructions are correctly followed.  Please understand that it does take time to process and ship replacements to you.  So please leave plenty of time when ordering your cabinets to allow for potential damages and defects.  

***Make sure to read the above receiving instructions.  You will receive these instructions again on the email detailing your shipping dates.  They protect you and ensure any damages or discrepancies are taken care of ASAP.  

Here is an example of what the pallets SHOULD look like, including the plastic wrapping and the red tamper tape noted above: 

Wholesale Cabinet Supply(WCS) offers in-home delivery, the driver(s) will unload the order off the truck and carry the boxes to the room of your choice on the ground level. Please check the contents of your delivery, mark any missing or visibly damaged items on the driver’s paperwork at the time of delivery and notify WCS immediately at   If CDS states they have contacted WCS with damaged information, it is still your responsibility to notify us of any damages.  We will need you to provide us with written documentation (ie. email, pictures, brief description of damage with location) to submit a replacement order.   Please report all damages via email to the Replacement Department, with the required documentation. It is important that we have written documentation of the damage reported.   Please understand that it does take time to process and ship replacements to you.  So please leave plenty of time when ordering your cabinets to allow for potential damages and defects.     Please Do Not Call or Email the Designer, Customer Service or Live Chat to report damage.   Until your freight arrives at the private carrier and has been inventoried and processed (this takes 48 hours), a delivery appointment can not be made.