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American Made Kitchen Cabinets: Re-Introducing Our Americana Series

September 26, 2022 3 min read

American Made Kitchen Cabinets: Re-Introducing Our Americana Series-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

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Been missing our Americana Series? Well, we’re here to bring you some exciting news – Americana is back! We love our American cabinets, so we’re glad to be able to re-introduce the Americana Series to you all. Let’s go over some of the features of this series that we know you’ll love. 

Made Here in America

Land of the free, home of the… cabinets? That’s right – our Americana Series is built right here in America. Support American jobs by ordering from our Americana cabinets. Inspired by the beauty of American craftsmanship, our Americana Series is perfect for any kitchen in any home across the country. In a world where over 300,000 U.S. jobs are outsourced annually, it’s important now more than ever to support our fellow Americans and buy American made products. 

Our Americana Series Is Made Here in America

hand pulling cabinet door sample

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Start with a Style, End with a Finish

With our Americana cabinets, you don’t start with a finish and style together. Instead, you start with a style. With four different style options, you can find the perfect door style for your unique space.

  • Dover Slab: Flat, modern and sleek. Perfect for the contemporary homeowner.
  • Dover Recessed: Add something a little extra to the Dover style. Featuring a recessed center panel design on the drawers and doors, consider this the step up from the Dover Slab. 
  • Chandler Raised: Raised design with a more traditional feel. Full width and a raised drawer front. 
  • Concord Raised: Much more traditional, smaller drawers and doors. Perfect for when you’re renovating a rental unit or looking for stellar craftsmanship without the cost. 

     cabinet door options

    Dover Slab, Dover Recessed, Chandler Raised, Concord Raised

    After choosing one of these four styles, then you can move on to choosing a finish. Each style features a variety of finishes. 

    • Available in all four styles: Arctic White, Champagne, Oyster, Earl Grey, Earl Grey Shadow, Java
    • Available in Chandler and Concord: Arctic with Chocolate Glaze, Champagne Chocolate, Ginger Shadow, Rose Shadow

      If you prefer a farmhouse, contemporary or industrial style, the Dover style cabinets would be your best choices. However, if you’re looking for a traditional, vintage or even a French cottage style for your kitchen cabinets, then the Raised styles would look great in those spaces.

      Shop Kitchen Cabinets Perfect for Your Space

      Generally speaking, our Americana cabinets come with a few standard features. 

      • All plywood boxes
      • Dovetail drawers
      • Lifetime warranties on drawer glides and door hinges
      • 10-year limited warranty on cabinetry

        Help When You Need It

        Designing a kitchen isn’t an easy feat. Whether you’re renovating your current layout or building a brand-new kitchen, there’s so many choices to make that you might not know where to start. With our free kitchen design, you supply us with the necessary dimensions and preferences and then we put together a unique design plan just for you. Tell us your budget, color preferences and more, and we’ll do the rest. Having a professional to talk with about the design and layout of your new kitchen design can go a long way in saving you a lot of hassle. 

         closeup cabinet handles

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        The Hardware Makes the Look

        Sure, you’ve spent hours deciding on the cabinet style and finish. But, there’s one other important part of your cabinet design that will greatly impact the look and feel of your space: hardware. 

        Your cabinet hardware can make or break your design. Here are some common cabinet hardware options:

        • Gold knobs: Gold knobs are popular because they elevate all your cabinets. They look great on dark cabinets and really stand out. 
        • Glass knobs: Perfect for vintage styles or even a French cottage design style, glass knobs are making a comeback. Pair them with ivory or white cabinets for a truly unique look. 
        • Metal oblong handles: Popular in many cabinet designs, metal oblong handles give a reprieve from traditional round knobs and pulls. Great for industrial styles, metal oblong handles take white shaker cabinets and make them look modern and unique. 
        • Cup handles: Cup handles are great in a variety of styles. Black cup handles can lean towards farmhouse design aesthetics, but brass cup handles are unique and look great on accent cabinets, such as your kitchen island or even your lower cabinets.

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