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Stonecreek Cabinetry Spotlight: Introducing the Stonecreek Cabinetry Premier Collection

We work with homeowners completing all different types of projects. Whether you’re flipping a home to resell, renovating a space to rent or simply building your dream home, here at WC Supply, we can provide amazing cabinets for your space. Bathrooms, kitchens, wet bars, living rooms… wherever you need them, we can get the perfect set-up. We work with homeowners on a budget, too. Considering the average cost of a kitchen reno is at least $10,000, we realize not every homeowner has a huge budget they can put towards all their dream space wants. In fact, our Stonecreek Cabinets are some of the best budget-friendly cabinets that are still amazing quality and highly durable. Here are some of the best reasons for choosing Stonecreek for your next cabinet project!

1. They’re affordable. Let’s face it — the cost is a huge factor in why you should choose our Stonecreek Cabinet Collection. We even offer free shipping over to the Southeast region of the U.S. on orders $1,500 or more! In a world where the cost of market materials is skyrocketing, it’s important to have ways to make your dreams come true without breaking the bank. Our Stonecreek Cabinets are perfect for that.  Shop Our Stonecreek Cabinets That Look Great in Any Space!

kitchen with island wood accents

2. You can embrace your inner DIY-er. Part of the reason our Stonecreek Cabinets are so cost effective is due to their assembly process. We don’t offer pre-assembly with our Stonecreek Cabinets, making them the perfect choice for homeowners on a budget or contractors who have the know-how to assemble the cabinets themselves. Even homeowners who have never assembled cabinets before will find that our Stonecreek Cabinetry is much simpler to assemble than others. Ready-to-assemble cabinets, also known as RTA cabinets, are still great quality, and you feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you complete the task of putting them together!  Complete Your Renovation Faster — Put RTA Cabinets in Your Home

3. They’ll get into your hands quickly. Our Stonecreek Cabinets are in stock and ready to ship from several warehouses across the country, that means we can put them into your hands much quicker than some of our other cabinet options. In fact, they tend to ship within three to four days, arriving within two to three weeks! Of course, shipping times may vary depending on where you and your building project are located, but, overall, our Stonecreek Cabinets tend to be one of the quickest of all our cabinets. If you’ve got a tight deadline for a project or simply don’t want to wait very long, then our Stonecreek Cabinetry collection would be a great option for you!

dark cabinets in kitchen

4. You can choose from a variety of finishes. These days, it seems like if you want cabinets in multiple finishes, you’ll have to paint them yourself. With our Stonecreek Cabinetry Collection, we offer a variety of finishes that are great for kitchens of all sizes and design styles. From glossy to matte, you can find the perfect set of cabinets for your space. Whether you’re designing a farmhouse kitchen, a sleek contemporary bathroom or even looking to give yourself some built-in cabinet storage in your laundry room, our Stonecreek Cabinets can give you the function you need, all while making your space look stylish.

5. We can help you custom design your space. That’s right — you don’t always need to hire a contractor to help you pick out the right cabinets. We’re here to help you! You can chat with any of our experienced designers to find the right set of Stonecreek Cabinets that would look great in your home. In fact, even if you don’t already have plans drawn up, we can work with you to put together a great design that will meet all your cabinetry needs. What are you waiting for? Hop online and complete our design form today!

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