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How to Decide on a Kitchen Cabinet Color

If you don't believe that color can transform a space, you would be highly mistaken. According to the majority of homebuyers, the kitchen is considered the most important room in a house. The cabinetry is something you spot right away, and its color can have a major impact on the ambiance of the room. For some people, it's about choosing stained cabinets and staying with an organic style. For others, it may mean selecting vibrant and cheery yellow cabinets to make the heart of the home stand out.

Step One

Start with the size of your kitchen. The general rule of thumb here is to stay with light shades if it's not a big kitchen. White, cream, polar white, ivory and muted shades (light blue, sage green) are some to consider as they reflect light beautifully and allow your kitchen to appear larger. Cabinets look especially elegant in white, and you can accent your kitchen in other shades to enhance its mood. Appliances or countertop decor in a vibrant color would add interest to your space.

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Step Two

The color of your walls also plays a role when choosing the right cabinet shade that will add cohesiveness to the room. For instance, if you have white walls, then you've got a great, simple canvas to play with. In this case, just about any shade you choose for your cabinets will work effectively.

If your walls are painted a dark shade, then choosing light-colored cabinets will keep your kitchen from appearing dull or confined in space. One way to achieve this conveniently is by purchasing painted RTA cabinets. They're built to order and can accommodate any space.

Step Three

What kind of mood are you trying to create for the heart of the home? Gray remains one of the hot shades for kitchen cabinets as well as kitchen floors. It's a gorgeous neutral that delivers a feeling of minimalism and sophistication.

Gray cabinets look amazing in a large kitchen and allow it to appear clean and open. Gray also blends nicely with other shades and is considered a wonderful base color in which to expand your color theme. The shade of gray exudes a calming effect, which can help to create a more relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen.

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Step Four

If you're wondering how to decide on a kitchen cabinet color, look at your countertops and backsplash. You can complement your cabinets with these two kitchen features. According to design professionals, a color wheel can be your best friend, and you can find inspiration online. For example, the experts at Architectural Digest recommend pairing these countertop colors and cabinet shades together:

  • White countertops with washed oak cabinets
  • Viola marble countertops with pale pink cabinets
  • Black and white patterned backsplash with black cabinets
  • Gucci green glass backsplash with red cabinets
  • Snow white countertops with high-gloss aqua-blue cabinets

Step Five

You could even combine two tones when contemplating how to decide on a kitchen cabinet color. This is a modern approach that's quite popular in some kitchens. One way to do this would be to select a statement color for your base cabinets. Then, you would keep your wall cabinets a neutral shade for a two-tone effect.

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There Is No Right or Wrong Way to Enhance the Beauty of Your Kitchen

Whatever you do, remember that it's your kitchen. It's the room where people eat, cook, gather and make many lasting memories. You don't have to follow trends or choose Gucci green and red as your color theme. Take your time, and select the cabinet color that will make you happy, relaxed and comfortable in the heart of your home. Here at The Wholesale Cabinet Supply Company, we think you'll love our incredible variety. Let us help you create your dream kitchen.

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