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How to Find Kitchen Cabinets in Greenville, SC

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets can make or break your new kitchen. The number of cabinets, their style, size and location all play a role in the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. From an ergonomic perspective, the size of the cabinets you choose will impact whether you need to bend over to access the kitchen items you need or whether you’ll need to stretch or use a step ladder to get the things you need. Shelves and hardware will determine how well you can organize things and how easy it is to access the things that you need. The following tips will help you find the right kitchen cabinets in Greenville, SC for your home and lifestyle.

Tip #1. Choose the Right Style

Whether you are doing a complete renovation, building a new house or updating the cabinets in your kitchen or apartment, here are some style tips to consider.

Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker furniture has been around since the 18th century. It has had a resurgence in popularity in modern kitchens. This cabinet style offers a combination of modern and farmhouse aesthetics. It often includes painted white shaker-style cabinets and a farmhouse sink, creating a nostalgic feel. Shaker-style cabinets do not have extra adornment and are known for having a simple recessed panel. The simplicity of these cabinets makes them a versatile choice for several kitchen styles. The most common colors include white, matte black, navy, and forest green. Basic white cabinets are typically preferred with this cabinet style as they offer a clean yet elegant look to the kitchen.

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You will want to consider contemporary cabinets, such as Stonecreek cabinets or European cabinets, if you are looking for that immaculate look. Contemporary cabinets are sleek, shiny and are often hardware-free. They are known for an absence of ornamentation and simplicity. They can be built from various materials, increasing their versatility.

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Glass Front

Glass front cabinets are often used in conjunction with solid cabinets. Consider backlit glass front cabinets if you want to give your cabinets an extra flare. They allow you to showcase decorative dishes and can help break up the solid look of wall cabinets. From a functionality standpoint, glass front cabinets let you see what’s inside of them, so you don’t need to open and close the cabinets to search for things. This can minimize dust and grime because you’re not opening and closing the shelving.

Traditional Cabinetry

Traditional cabinetry is a surprisingly controversial option for kitchens. To some, the traditional look is classic. To others, it makes the kitchen look dated. Traditional cabinetry is known for its raised panels, bead board details, and other adornments that contrast with the modern, minimalist look seen in many homes. The dark wood and painted neutral colors add a sense of elegance and class to the kitchen in which they are installed.

Tip #2. Choose Cabinets For Function

Every kitchen is unique. The rules for determining where to place kitchen cabinets should be considered as suggestions based on the layout and design of your kitchen. There are some basic factors to consider when determining where to place kitchen cabinets for the best functionality.

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Door Swings

All the doors in the kitchen should be able to open completely without hitting other cabinets or appliances. Conversely, you want the doors of all appliances to be able to open smoothly without being impacted by the location or design of your cabinets.

Cabinet Layout

Your cabinet placement has a direct correlation with the layout of your countertops. You want there to be enough cabinets to support the countertops that you want. This includes ensuring that there are cabinets for your bar areas and overhangs. Additionally, the layout should not block any part of your window when they’re open or closed.

There’s nothing wrong if your cabinets are as tall as the ceiling, but they shouldn’t be so high that they rob balance or overwhelm the kitchen. You want cabinets to be placed so that they provide accessible storage. It is counterproductive to have cabinets located in a place that makes it difficult to access the things you need. If that happens, you will find your cabinets turning into wasted space.

A key part of functionality is ensuring that your cabinets fill most of the available wall space in your kitchen. This allows you to maximize the available space for sensible storage solutions.

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Finding a Balance Between Appearance and Storage

Consider storage and appearance when choosing cabinets and determining where they will go. Painted RTA cabinets can liven up the kitchen. However, placing cabinets on the wrong wall or too high or too low could impact the look and feel of your kitchen. It’s all about finding the right balance of home and lifestyle.

New cabinets are the way to go if you're considering refreshing your kitchen. They allow you to freshen up your kitchen space and transform your home while adding functionality to one of the rooms you use the most.

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