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How to Organize a Small Kitchen

July 11, 2022 3 min read

How to Organize a Small Kitchen-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

Whether you live in a rental, a tiny house or even an older home, small kitchens don’t have to be your nemesis. In fact, there are lots of ways to maximize the space you use in your small kitchen. Here are some ways you can organize the space to be most efficient to your needs. 

Figure Out Your Pantry

Not every kitchen has a pantry, especially smaller kitchens. If you own the space, consider adding some additional upper cabinets or shelving into your current cabinets to create pantry space. Did you know that we offer a free kitchen design for all potential customers? That’s right no matter the size of your space, our design consultants are available to talk you through some potential options for your space. In fact, this is one of the best ways to be sure you get a great kitchen layout. They’re knowledgeable on all our products and able to point you in the best direction based on your budget, size of your space and timeline!

A pantry space is essential in any kitchen. It’s where all your non-perishables go. While some kitchens are large enough to have a pantry with built-in shelves, others do not or they put shelving in the weirdest of places. Adding some additional shelves or even extra cabinets can really increase the amount of space you have available for your pantry and all the items you’d need it for. 

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Nix the Dining Room Table

Is your space an open concept? Consider removing the dining room table to give yourself more space and just use the bar or peninsula area instead. Formal dining areas only tend to be preferred by Boomers and Gen Xers, despite the fact that they also tend not to use them very much. If your home has a small kitchen but features an open concept, consider removing the dining room table. That way, you can add a couple of extra storage shelves or additional seating in your living area. This will make your small kitchen feel even more open and larger. There are lots of tables and seating out there that offer unique storage solutions while also serving as a place to sit or put lamps and coasters on. 

a small open concept kitchen

Use a Bar Cart

Bar carts are probably one of the most versatile objects you can find. Bar carts are great for serving as what they’re literally called; however, many people choose to use them for other things. Spices, general glassware, cleaning supplies and more can all go on your bar cart. However, if you find yourself using up a lot of cabinet space with bottles of alcohol and specialty drinkware, consider using a bar cart specifically for those items to clear up space in your kitchen cabinets. Decorate for various holidays, rotate the drinkware between the shelves and move it around your living area so that it’s out of the way of your kitchen. The bar cart is really one of the best items you can have in your home!

Go Up, Not Out

Thinking vertically is one of the best things you can do if you have a small kitchen. Consider how high your ceilings are and whether or not you’re easily able to access upper storage. Add some floating shelves or additional cabinetry to really make the space feel taller. Our NorthPoint Cabinetry series is great for expanding all the way up to ceilings and making spaces feel larger than they really are. This is achieved through an optical illusion by tricking the eye to look upward, it makes the brain feel like there’s more space around than there really is. 

RTA Cabinets Will Help You Stay on Budget

The best part about adding new cabinets? It doesn’t have to break the bank! We proudly offer RTA cabinets in addition to pre-assembled ones, so you don’t have to spend thousands of extra dollars on adding additional cabinets to your space. When you’re limited on square footage, the best solution is always to go up. 

a small kitchen with plenty of cabinet space

Look for Countertop Solutions

Use your countertops as another way to maximize space in a small kitchen. Lots of individual objects on your countertops will make the space feel cluttered, but investing in storage solutions is a great way to make the space feel more open. Mason jars, candy jars and even tall, thin plastic containers are great ways to organize your snacks, fruit and other typical countertop items so that they don’t continue to take up a lot of space. Using clear storage solutions creates another optical illusion on the eyes to make things appear larger than they really are. 

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