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The Ultimate Guide to Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

October 07, 2021 8 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles-Wholesale Cabinet Supply


Let’s face it – the kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you spend hours creating spectacular meals at your gourmet stove or simply enjoy spending time with family and friends at your kitchen island, it’s easy to see why good kitchens are on the top of home buyers’ must-have lists. Kitchens that are organized well and have unique and convenient features will easily sell for top dollar. One way to be sure your kitchen turns your home into every interested buyers’ top choice? Invest in quality cabinets! Cabinets go a long way in creating a unique kitchen design. Without sturdy and stylish cabinets, buyers will easily turn away from your home and instead look elsewhere. 

Even if you’re not looking to sell your home just yet, it always pays to upgrade your kitchen area. Whether you elevate your space with a set of European style cabinets or go for something more traditional, there are lots of cabinet choices that are sure to fit your space. 

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With so many styles and colors, we’ve put together this guide full of kitchen cabinet styles that will ensure you find the perfect kitchen cabinets for your budget and design style! 

First Things First

There are lots of kitchen designs out there. Before you choose cabinets, it’s important to follow these steps. Otherwise, you might end up with cabinets that don’t fit well in your space. 

Determine your layout

Decide whether or not you’re keeping your current kitchen layout or changing it to something else. This is important because it will determine the size of the cabinets you’ll need. You’ll want to do this before you take any measurements because shifting things around in your kitchen could cause certain areas to measure differently than they are now. 


If you’re switching the layout of your kitchen, you’ll want to measure the areas to make sure the plan will work. If you’re looking to keep your reno small and within a lower budget, avoid moving appliances that don’t share plumbing or electrical. Adding new wires or pipes is costly and can easily cause any budget to skyrocket. Having accurate measurements of your cabinets (or the cabinet layout you’d like to have) will ensure that you don’t order the wrong sizes. You can also take advantage of our free kitchen design that will partner you with a professional who will work with you to find the right cabinets for your home. 

Decide on a budget

Budgets are important for every renovation project. While renovations that bring in luxury features will yield higher results, you can still find quality cabinets and other features within your kitchen without breaking the bank! There are lots of options available for any design budget. 

Creating the Perfect Kitchen

Every kitchen needs certain things in order for it to function well. Here are some of the essentials you need in your kitchen.

kitchen with neutral wood cabinets

Pantry space

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you need pantry space. Whether you make your upper cabinets larger or you transform a hall closet into the pantry space of your dreams, pantry space is essential for every kitchen. Having a place to put all your pasta, canned goods and any other items that don’t belong in the fridge but need somewhere to go is important for your kitchen space. 

A microwave above your stove

Many antique and vintage kitchens don’t have a microwave. And it makes complete sense – microwaves weren’t common in households until the mid-1970s despite being around since the 1950s. Microwaves make cooking much easier. Whether you need to reheat last night’s leftovers or you want to melt butter without using your stovetop, a microwave is an essential part of every kitchen these days. One of the best solutions to incorporating a microwave is to place it above your stove. If you have it in your budget, and your home is old enough not to have a microwave above the stove, you should speak with a contractor to have them rework some of the electrical work in your kitchen to incorporate a microwave. It’ll take some finessing to adjust the fan above your stove, but it’ll still go a long way to making your kitchen feel efficient and cohesive. 

A seating area

Whether it’s a peninsula, bar, island or a breakfast nook, your kitchen should have some type of seating area. A seating area in your kitchen allows family or guests to be near you while you cook in your kitchen. It makes the kitchen the hub for entertainment. Incorporating a seating area in your kitchen will create an additional layer of function to the space. 

Popular Cabinet Styles

With so many cabinets to choose from, how do you know what will go well in your space? Here are some of the most popular cabinet styles and the best countertop and hardware pairings for each. 

White cabinets

White cabinets are still on trend and ever-popular amongst homeowners these days. Perfect for a variety of interior design styles, white cabinets are versatile and look good in practically any kitchen. However, those with kids and pets might want to steer clear. Despite most white cabinets having scuff-resistant paint these days, if a pet scratches too much, there’s a chance you’ll have to patch your cabinet paint every few years. 

white cabinets best countertop and hardware

  • Best countertop for white cabinets: White cabinets look best with granite or marble countertops. Consider finding counters that contrast with the white cabinets or incorporate colors already present in your home, such as gray or beige. 
  • Best hardware for white cabinets: Rectangular, oblong handles look great with white cabinets. Depending on the color of your counters, either brass or silver hardware works best. If you have stainless steel appliances, silver hardware looks cohesive.
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Traditional cherry cabinets

Cherry brown cabinets don’t have to look dated. There’s a reason people keep going back to the brown color – it stands the test of time! Traditional cherry cabinets are great for those who need to replace a few doors but maybe don’t have the budget to install new cabinet bases. That’s where choosing the right paint, backsplash and hardware comes in. In choosing the right accents, your traditional cherry cabinets can look fresh and modern for your renovated kitchen. 

cherry cabinets best countertop and hardware

  • Best countertop for cherry brown cabinets: Avoid the butcher block here. Instead, choose a contrasting countertop that’s made of clean lines. A smooth, white marble countertop looks great with cherry brown cabinets. If you’re looking to avoid the cost of marble, quartz is a great alternative but still looks as sharp as marble. 
  • Best hardware for cherry brown cabinets: Oval shaped brass hardware gives cherry brown cabinets an updated, fresh look. Regardless of your desired kitchen aesthetic, the cupped design of the handles makes your kitchen look vintage in a contemporary way – perfect for homeowners renovating on a budget or looking to keep some vintage aspects of their home!

Farmhouse cabinets

While not necessarily their own cabinet style per se, choosing the right cabinets for a farmhouse kitchen is important. While most people opt for white cabinets for their farmhouse kitchen, the truth is that there are lots of design elements that create a farmhouse kitchen. From large sinks to vintage hardware, you can create a farmhouse look in a variety of ways. The cabinets in our Wolf Expression Series are perfect for farmhouse kitchen designs. 

farmhouse cabinets best countertop and hardware

  • Best countertop for farmhouse kitchens: A butcher block countertop is perfect for farmhouse kitchens because it reinforces the farmhouse feel of the space, giving it a rustic vibe.
  • Best hardware for farmhouse kitchens: Either iron handles or glass knobs work well in farmhouse kitchens. Many farmhouse kitchens are a modern take on a vintage look, bringing back some traditional elements of antique kitchens and incorporating new features that make them feel modern. One of the ways to bring in some antique vibes is by using antique hardware in your kitchen. Visit a local antiques store to see if they have any matching door handles. You’ll find that mixing and matching hardware will look great in a farmhouse kitchen.

Can I Mix and Match Cabinets?

The short answer? Yep. The longer answer? It actually depends. You’ll want to be sure that the cabinets you bring in are cohesive – and typically, you achieve that by using the same cabinet style but in different colors. While some cabinet features, such as the door trim, can be different, you’ll still want to ensure the measurements are accurate, especially if you’re using different cabinets. Because that can be a bit of a headache, we recommend using the same style cabinets but using a different color for your lowers or your island. 

Alternatively, you can use backsplash and hardware as ways to create uniqueness in your kitchen design. Mix-match hardware and a fun backsplash pattern will make your kitchen feel like one of a kind!

Do I Really Need a Kitchen Island?

While kitchen islands are convenient and fun, they don’t always fit well in every kitchen. If you are renovating a galley kitchen and not wanting to tear down a wall, you probably don’t have the space for a kitchen island. There are lots of reasons an island might not work in your space, and that’s okay! For kitchens that don’t have an island already in them, it can be a lot of extra work. However, if you have the budget and time, adding an island to your kitchen can give you extra counter space and give you an additional dining space. Many homeowners nix their formal dining room and just enlarge their kitchen area to create a multi-use kitchen/dining area. With all the added square footage of transforming your dining area into the kitchen, you could put in a farmhouse table with a bench and extra chairs. 

bright kitchen interior with island

Homeowners with smaller kitchens can consider getting portable islands as an alternative to save space. Roll it out when you need extra serving or prep space and then roll it into a closet or off to the side of your kitchen when not in use. Many portable islands have shelves on them you can use to store some kitchen prep items, making it a great way to add some extra storage space to your kitchen.

Other Kitchen Design Ideas

A kitchen is only as good as its design. Here are some additional design ideas that are sure to have your kitchen looking beautiful!

  • Glass doors: Traditional and luxurious, glass doors look great in any kitchen. Typically used in upper cabinets, glass doors let you see what’s in the cabinet without worrying about dust build-up or items falling off the shelves. 
  • Open shelving: If you’re not afraid of a little extra dusting, open shelving is perfect for you. It makes it easy to access commonly used items, such as plates or glassware. Consider putting these shelves on either side of the stove to create a unique focal point. 
  • Pendant lighting: Pendant lights above your kitchen island or directly overhead in your kitchen create unique and fun design aesthetics for your space. Whether you choose wicker basket lights, a starburst light or even simple large metal pendants, accent lighting in your kitchen makes for a beautiful design. 

kitchen with pendant lighting

  • Crown molding: That’s right, crown molding in your kitchen. For homes that are going for a more traditional look, crown molding can create a unique effect that instantly transforms the space into something timeless and vintage. Pair with iron cabinet door handles and you’ve got yourself a beautiful French chateau kitchen design!
  • Accent island: Your kitchen island doesn’t have to be boring. Consider painting it a fun accent color, such as blue, green or even yellow to create a bold statement in your kitchen. If you’re feeling really bold and have the budget, encase the sides of your island with the same material as your countertop. That way, you’ve created a cohesive slab that wraps around your island. 


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