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Wolf Classic Cabinetry Spotlight: Expression Series

March 01, 2021 3 min read

Wolf Classic Cabinetry Spotlight: Expression Series-Wholesale Cabinet Supply

When designing your kitchen, the choices for new kitchen cabinets are important. It can also be one of the most time-consuming aspects of the project. You want to make sure you pick just the right ones. Our Wolf Classic Expression Series cabinets can really elevate your kitchen and give you the perfect design you’ve been looking for. 

Made in America, these cabinets are durable and built to last. One of our favorite aspects of these cabinets is that they are made in America with at least 60 percent of the material from America – and by American workers! Plus, they’re factory-built, so there’s no assembly required. They’re ready to install once delivered to you. Wolf Classic Expression Series cabinets are perfect if you’re on a time crunch or you’re not a pro at assembling cabinetry.


Built with all plywood boxes, these cabinets will look great in any kitchen. The full overlay door styles hide away any center stiles or frames of the cabinets for a truly seamless look, while the partial overlay door styles provide a more affordable option. Soft-close drawers and doors are standard for these cabinets. The shelves are ¾” adjustable – perfect for ensuring your shelves suit your kitchen needs. The solid wood face frames give a modern look to these beautiful cabinets. 

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Customization and Expanded Selections

Our expanded selections allow you to customize your kitchen cabinets for a truly one-of-a-kind space. 

  • Special order: These cabinets feature unique special ordering that is tailored to your specific kitchen needs. Give us a call to chat with a friendly associate about how our Wolf Classic cabinets can provide everything you need for your kitchen. Every modification will work to ensure your space feels uniquely you – as it should.
  • Complementing colors: Similar to our Designer Series accent colors, Wolf Classic cabinets also come in a vast array of beautiful shades, perfect for every kitchen. From bold with color to soft with muted neutrals, these cabinets are perfect for every home. The complementary colors work great as accent colors for your kitchen. Keep your uppers a lighter neutral and go bold with your lower cabinets, or just use a base neutral for your cabinets along your walls and then use brightly colored cabinets for your island. The possibilities are endless! 


Since the Wolf Classic cabinets are in stock, they can ship as early as a few days from when you order! This is perfect for anyone trying to get their kitchen reno finished before completing a move or welcoming a new child. Getting these cabinets quickly is one of the best parts about them. 

If you purchase Wolf Classic cabinets with any specialized orders or modified features, they will take a bit longer. The average shipping time for these cabinets is five to six weeks. However, with so many modifications available, they’re worth the wait. If you need your cabinets within a specific timeframe, you can always chat with a member of our staff.


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Best-Selling Door Styles

Wolf Classic Expression Series cabinets come in many different standard door styles and colors. Here are some of the best-sellers:

  • Dartmouth White: The Wolf Classic Dartmouth White cabinets are both trendy and traditional. The white kitchen cabinet appears clean and modern without sacrificing a truly classic kitchen look. Pair these cabinets with a darker countertop and metallic backsplash for a truly unique space.
  • Dartmouth Pewter: Grey cabinets are starting to join the ranks with white cabinets these days. Truly modern – and a bit easier to keep from looking dirty compared to white cabinets – the Wolf Classic Dartmouth Pewter features all the same hardware as the Dartmouth White, but in a pale grey. These cabinets are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want stark white or brown cabinets. They look great with copper and bronze hardware – think doorknobs, faucets and even appliances. 
  • York White: The Wolf Classic York White cabinets are perfect for anyone who wants a more traditional cabinet door style and wants to use the trendy white cabinet color. Their solid wood dovetail construction ensures they’ll be durable for years to come. They look great with black accents, especially door handles. 
  • York Grey Stain: Similar to the York White, the Wolf Classic York Grey Stain cabinets are very modern. The grey stain gives a unique finish, perfect for the eccentric and out-of-the-box homeowner – an artist or chef, perhaps! Pair them with a bold countertop and bright backsplash for a unique space. A bold, patterned kitchen floor would really make these cabinets pop.

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