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Frequently Asked Questions

About JSI Cabinetry Cabinets

  • Where are JSI Cabinetry's cabinets made?

    The cabinet parts (boxes, fronts, etc) are made in Vietnam and Malaysia by our supplier, JSI Cabinetry. Then they are flat packed and shipped to 1 of 4 warehouses in the US awaiting your order. Once your order is placed they are assembled in JSI's warehouses here in the states before shipping to you.  
  • How do I get a paint match for the cabinets?

    Depending on your intended use, you have two options:

    • We sell 12 oz cans of spray paint that can be used depending on the size of your application - this is the easiest and most straight forward option.
    • In addition, you may be able to take a door sample or piece of trim into your local paint shop and they may be able to produce a match for you.  
    • How are JSI Cabinetry's cabinets finished?

      For a durable finish that will last for years, our painted cabinets are finished with a sprayed on catalyzed conversion varnish. Our stained cabinets are finished with a sprayed on stain and with a polyurethane top coat.

      Both are a 25 sheen - Eggshell Satin

    • Do you have unfinished cabinets?

      We do not. All of our cabinets are pre-finished with either a stain or paint.
    • Do you sell just door and drawer fronts?

      Unfortunately we do not. Our supplier's aren't set up for that. However, if you do a Google search, there are several companies that specialize in just that.
    • How do I care for and maintain my cabinets?

      Basic Cleaning

      • To remove dust after installation and for initial cleaning, use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth to wipe down all exterior and interior surfaces.
      • For regular basic cleaning, use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth dampened with a mild detergent or soap, and warm water. For best result, use a “blotting” action rather than a wiping motion when cleaning.
      • Wipe up food spills and water spots immediately with a lint-free cotton cloth, so moisture is not absorbed into the cabinet surfaces.

      Basic Care and Things To Avoid

      • When in doubt of a cleaner’s suitability, do not use.
      • Never use scouring pads, steel wool, wire brushes or powdered cleaners.
      • Never leave a cloth moistened with cleaner on any cabinet surface for any length of time.
      • Check the areas around the sink and dishwasher to make sure that water and detergents to not dry on cabinet surfaces.
      • Avoid draping wet or damp dish towels over doors of the base cabinets.
      • Do not attach towel racks to the interior of the cabinet doors.
      • Avoid placing small kitchen appliances where the heat or steam is directed onto cabinet surfaces.
      • Do not leave printed materials (newspapers, magazines, etc.) on the cabinet surfaces, as the printing ink can bleed into the cabinet.

      Cleaning Glass Door Inserts

      • Use a household glass cleaner with a soft, clean cloth.
      • Apply the glass cleaner directly to the cleaning cloth rather than on the glass or mirror.
      • Avoid excess glass cleaner running into cabinet joints. Ammonia should never be used at full strength.
    • What is the overlay on the doors and drawers.

      We carry both partial and full overlay doors.

      In our Designer and Premier Series, the doors and drawers are a 1 1/4" or full overlay. The frames are 1 1/2" wide, so this means that 1/4" of the frame is generally exposed around the edges of the door and drawer fronts.

      In our Craftsman Series, the doors and drawers are a 1/2" or partial overlay. The frames are 1 1/2" wide, so this means that 1" of the frame is generally exposed around the edges of the door and drawer fronts.

      Generally, full overlay is more desirable.

    • What materials are used in the construction of your cabinets?

      Our cabinet boxes (the bottoms, sides, backs, and tops) have an all plywood construction. Due to it's sturdiness, strength, and durability, it is ideal for this purpose.

      The face frame of the cabinet and the frames of the doors and drawers are constructed of solid wood (3/4" thick North American maple).

      The center panels on many of the door styles is an MDF material. While MDF isn't an ideal material in the construction of the cabinet, it does have its advantages. Since it is easier to form into a consistent shape and it isn't susceptible to contraction and expansion in temperature changes (which can cause cracking), it is used in the CENTER panels on many of the door and drawer fronts.

      The exceptions to this are the Wheaton, Kingston, and Georgetown door styles, all of which have solid wood center panels.

      For More Information:





    • What are your cabinets made of?

      Cabinet Boxes:

      • All of our cabinet boxes are made using all plywood construction.  So, whether you are buying our entry level Craftsman Series or our best selling Designer Series, you can be assured your cabinet boxes are constructed to last! 

      Face Frames:

      • The face frames on all of our cabinets are constructed of solid North American Maple. 

      Door/Drawer Frames:

      • The door and drawer frames on all of our cabinets are constructed of solid North American Maple. 

      Center Panel on Doors/Drawers:

      • The center panels on all of the door styles but a few (See next bullet point) are constructed of MDF.
      • The center panels on the Georgetown, Kingston, and Wheaton are a solid maple raised center panel. 

      For More Information:

    • Are these RTA cabinets?

      We typically ship our cabinets FULLY ASSEMBLED but you do have the option of purchasing them RTA as well.  

    • Why am I asked if I want cabinets assembled?

      While we highly recommend having each cabinet assembled before being shipped, there are certain circumstances where it makes more sense to send a cabinet unassembled. Some of those reasons include:

      • Cost savings - Some customers prefer the cost savings over convenience.
      • Time frame - RTA cabinets will typically ship quicker than assembled cabinets. So if you are on a super tight time crunch, RTA may be the way to go.
      • On site modifications - Perhaps you need to modify a cabinet for a particular space or use. This is usually easier to accomplish before the cabinet is assembled.
      • Tall cabinets and low ceilings - If you are going to be buying a tall cabinet that goes to the ceiling in your home, I advise you buy the cabinet unassembled (RTA) and assemble it in place.

      So, before adding each cabinet to your cart, you will be asked whether or not you would like it shipped assembled or not.

      Note - All of the pricing on this website assumes you are buying your cabinets assembled. So when you see a 10x10 kitchen price or a linear foot price, that is with the cost of assembly on each cabinet figured in.

    • What are the options and modificiations you offer?

      While we highly recommend having each cabinet assembled before being shipped, there are certain circumstances where it makes more sense to send a cabinet unassembled. Some of those reasons include:

      Prep for glass - This option should be checked if you are looking to convert a standard door into a glass door. When a door is 'prepped for glass', the center panel of the door is removed so the frame is ready to accept glass. NOTE - We do not provide the glass, it must be sourced and installed locally.

      Depth Modification - On many of our cabinets, you will be asked if you would like to change the depth of the cabinet. For wall cabinets, the depth can be either increased or decreased, based on your needs. For base and tall cabinets (oven and pantry cabinets), you can decrease the depth. All changes in depth are in 3" increments. This modification really provides limitless possibilities to your kitchen when you put it to good use. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to put this modification to use in your home.

      Note: Modifications are only available on assembled cabinets, RTA cabinets cannot be modified.

    • Are your cabinets KCMA certified?

      Yes! Everyone of our cabinets are KCMA certified. Don't know what this means? Click here to be redirected to the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer's Association) website to ready more about their certification process and what it means for you: Why Certified Cabinets.

    • Are the sides of the cabinets finished?

      Yes! The exterior sides of all of the cabinets come finished.

      We do have skins available if you would like to 'flush' out the sides of the cabinet with the face frame, but they are certainly not necessary.

    • Where do the cabinets ship from?

      Depending on your location, we ship the cabinets out of one of three locations:

      Orders shipping to the Southeast, the cabinets ship out of Atlanta, Georgia:

      4175 Boulder Ridge Dr.
      Atlanta, GA 30336

      Orders shipping to the Northeast, the cabinets ship out of Fall River, Massachusetts:

      485 Commerce Dr.
      Fall River, MA 02720

      Orders shipping to the Midwest, the cabinets ship out of Bolingbrook, Illinois:

      380 Veterans Parkway, Suite 100
      Bolingbrook, IL 60440

      There are occasions where orders for one region will ship from another warehouse.

      You can pick your cabinets up from one of the above warehouses to avoid the freight charge. If you choose to do this, you will need to make sure you have a vehicle capable of holding and towing the cabinets. You will also need to make sure you have someone with you to help you load the cabinets.

    • Do the cabinets come with a warranty?

      Yes! Simply put, the any cabinet in the Designer Series has a 5 year manufacturer warranty and the any cabinet in the Premier Series has a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Please read the attachments below for warranty specifics on each.

    About the Order Process

    • How does shipping work on small orders for trim and/or toe kick?

      Small orders like trim, filler pieces, and even some RTA cabinets will be shipped via FedEx. Rates typically run around $30-40 a box. Boxes are usually broken down as such:

      • A cabinet would be a box.
      • Usually several pieces of trim and fillers will fit into one box, as well.

      For a more specific idea on pricing, feel free to email with a list of the items you are requesting.

    • Do you accept returns/refunds if I don't like the cabinets?

      For JSI Cabinetry Orders

      Panels larger than 48" and Assembled cabinets CANNOT be returned or refunded. Unassembled (Ready to Assembled/RTA) cabinets, trim, etc can be returned as long as they are in good condition and in their original packaging.

      Returns on these items will be subject to return shipping charges and a 25% restocking fee.  


      We strongly suggest ordering a door sample before buying your cabinets to see the quality, construction, and finish in person. Door samples are a very worthwhile investment on such a large purchase to ensure you will be satisfied.

      For Wolf Classic Orders

      Wolf Classic products are returnable within 60 days of receipt.

      • Special Order items are not returnable.
      • All returns requested within 30 days of receipt will be subject to a 20% restocking charge.
      • Material over 30 days old will be charged a 35% restocking charge.
      • Material over 60 days old is not returnable.
      • What is the lead time?

        JSI orders typically arrive within 4-6 weeks but please allow 6-8+ weeks for extenuating circumstances that are out of our control like back orders, delivery delays, damages, etc.

        Unfortunately, those do occur occasionally, though not often. We will take care of replacements (as long as receiving instructions are properly followed), but we need time to send them.

        Since these things are inevitable and out of our control, we can't be responsible for any delays or inconveniences on your project that might be experienced as a result of said delays or damages, so please plan accordingly.

      • What happens if my cabinets are damaged in shipment?

        • As stated above, about 5-10% of orders do experience damage of some sort. A lot of the time it is just a door or drawer front that can be easily replaced without delaying your install, but sometimes the cabinet box or face frame will be damaged.
        • In either case, the first step is to make sure you follow our instructions for receiving the cabinets. We will email them to you after your order is placed and you can also read them here: Receiving a Cabinet Shipment

        When damage does occur, you need to do the following within 4 days of delivery:

        • Inspect the entire shipment for any and all damages. All damages need to be reported together.
        • Email your photos of the damage along with the order number, item # (For example: B18, SB36, W3816, etc), and a description of the damage to
        • You cannot over document your damage. More photos are better than less photos.
        • Once the damage is reported to us, we will get it processed and replacements will be sent out as soon as possible, free of charge as long as the receiving instructions are followed properly.
      • How are your cabinets delivered?

        On assembled cabinet orders, we deliver via curbside freight. We charge a flat rate on all orders and that includes delivery to your home, job site, or business.  The rate depends on the delivery state.  

        Curbside delivery means that the cabinets are unloaded at the curb of the delivery address. They won't carry the cabinets/pallets into your home. So please be sure to have an extra set of hands (or two!) on hand to help you get the cabinets inside.

        For More Information:

      About Wolf Classic Cabinets

      • Where are Wolf Classic Cabinets made?

        Wolf Classic Cabinets are proudly made in the USA, in an American factory (in Indiana), with American workers, and using 60% or more American content.

      • How are Wolf Classic Cabinets finished?

          All surfaces are machine-sanded.
        1. Dust particles are removed before entering each spray machine.
        2. Product enters an automated finish system where solvent- based pigment stain is applied.
        3. Product is sealed and put through a pre-cure drying process.
        4. Complete cure is done with slow bake process.
        5. All edges of parts are hand-sanded before being put in a brush-sanding machine.
        6. Final topcoat is applied and put through a pre-cure process followed by slow bake for final, thorough curing.
        7. Clear finishes use a catalyzed varnish, and paint finishes use a post-catalyzed lacquer.
        8. Products are inspected for defects, cleanliness and smoothness.
        9. The front side of the products gets a stain coat, a sealer coat and final top coat. The backs of drawer fronts and doors get a stain coat and a sealer coat.
      • Do you accept returns/refunds if I don't like the cabinets?

        Wolf Classic products are returnable within 60 days of receipt.

        • Special Order items are not returnable.
        • All returns requested within 30 days of receipt will be subject to a 20% restocking charge.
        • Material over 30 days old will be charged a 35% restocking charge.
        • Material over 60 days old is not returnable.

      A Little About Us

      • Are your cabinets Framed or Frameless?

        All of our cabinets are framed, we do not carry any frameless cabinets.


      • Can we help with design?

        • In short, YES! Click here to submit a FREE Professional Kitchen Design Request: Free Professional Kitchen Design Request
        • There are so many aspects to consider when designing a kitchen, from cabinet selection and placement for maximum efficiency and design to making sure the walkways are large enough and everything in-between! To help you mitigate all of that, we have a team of designers on hand to help you design your kitchen to your specifications.
        • We will provide you with layout views, elevation views, and 3D renderings to help you envision your future kitchen! In addition, you will receive a suggested list of cabinets, trim, and accessories to help you build your cart. Best of all, ALL of this is free! It is a part of our service to you!
      • How do I submit a drawing for deisgn purposes?

        Whether you are a flipper needing a budget friendly layout or a homeowner wanting the kitchen of your dreams, we have a team of designers that are waiting to work with you and help you design your kitchen (or any other room you need cabinets for)!  All they need to get started is measurements and your preferences.

        The best way to submit your drawings and preferences is by using our Kitchen Design Request Form.  Be sure to submit as much information as possible!  Once your form is submitted, we are usually able to respond with an initial design within 5 business days.  This can take longer if volume is higher than usual.  

      • How do you determine whether to do a right or left hand hinge?

        This is ultimately about personal preference. But as a general rule, you want to have the doors open in a direction that is convenient from where you will be accessing them.

        For example, say you have a single door cabinet to the right of your range. It would be a good idea to put the hinges on the right side of that cabinet. That way, when opening the cabinet door, you have full and convenient access to the cabinet without having to move. Likewise for a cabinet to the left of the range. A left hand hinge would provide easier and more convenient access while standing at the range.

        Another factor to consider is which hand is your dominate hand? If your right hand is your dominate hand, putting a right hand hinge on most single door cabinets (except where noted above) will probably work out better for you.

        If you are working with a designer, make sure to point out any of the above preference to them so they can design your cabinets in a way that will make your kitchen not only beautiful, but functional!


      • Do you install the cabinets, as well?

        No, we are just a supplier of cabinetry and do not do any installs. As there are a lot of nuances with installing cabinetry, we recommend working with a contractor or subcontractor that has experience specifically with kitchen and bath cabinetry. Due to the large area we cover, we are not able to recommend installers or contractors.