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OC332490PFGU - Hawthorne Cinnamon - Universal Oven Cabinet 33"x90" - Double Door Prepped For Glass

General Specs

Tall Cabinet

Double Door Prepped For Glass

Width - 33 inches

Depth - 24 inches

Height - 90 inches

Additional Specs

On Tall cabinets only the upper doors will be prepped for glass

Matching interiors will match the finish of the face frame

Clear glass panels will be furnished cut to size and will ship separately, direct to the ship-to address, for field installation by you or your installer

It is recommended that glass panels be installed with clear silicone.

The Universal Oven cabinet will need to be modified on the job site to fit your specific appliance. By removing the drawers and stiles between the drawers you can achieve an opening height between 21Ó and 60Ó, and a maximum width of 30Ó. The height of the upper doors will not be affected with these modifications. Your appliance size and the amount of modification required will determine if the drawers will be able to be used. In some instances, the top drawer may be dropped to the bottom position, thus allowing a drawer to remain. Installation and modification of the cabinet is completed on your job site, not in the factory. Support for the appliance is not supplied by the cabinet company and will need to be determined based on appliance manufacture requirement.