WBCU2730R - Fulton Mocha - 27"x30" Universal Blind Corner - Single Door - Right Side Blind

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Woodline Series SKU: WBCU2730R-FMG


General Specs

Wall Cabinet

Right Side Blind

Single Door

Width - 27 inches

Depth - 12 inches

Height - 30 inches

Additional Specs

Cabinet can be pulled for exact fit (see installation guide)

Minimum total pull - 25"

Maximum total pull - 30"

Atleast 3" of filler required between this cabinet and the adjacent cabinet on the other wall

3" color matched to face frame filler, 3" & 6" color matched to doors overlay fillers, and 3/16"" blind closure panel included

Right side is blind (hidden)

Two adjustable shelves

Door width is 11 3Ú4"