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WBCU2736PFGR - Norwood Deep Onyx - 27"x36" Universal Blind Corner - Single Door Prepped For Glass - Hinges On Right

General Specs

Wall Cabinet

Single Door Prepped For Glass

Width - 27 inches

Depth - 12 inches

Height - 36 inches

Additional Specs

Right side blind

Minimum total pull - 25"

Maximum total pull - 30"

Atleast 3" of filler required between this cabinet and the adjacent cabinet on the other wall

3" filler & 3/16" blind closure panel included

Door width is 11-3/4"

Matching interiors/shelves are standard.

Clear glass panels will be furnished cut to size and will ship separately, direct to the ship-to address, for field installation by you or your installer

It is recommended that glass panels be installed with clear silicone.

Shelf adjustment holes on the interior sides and back of cabinets will be visible