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Bathroom Trends 2021 – A Comprehensive Guide

April 06, 2021 8 min read

Bathroom Trends 2021 – A Comprehensive Guide-Wholesale Cabinet Supply


Your bathroom is a place of comfort and relaxation, especially these days. Now more than ever it is important to have a quality bathroom with all the necessary pieces to make it a truly enjoyable space. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide filled with bathroom design trends for this year. You should find inspiration for your next bathroom project all right here.


Flooring trends this year are all about making your bathroom feel like home. It should be an inviting space, filled with items that make you feel comforted. Here are some of our favorite flooring trends for 2021:

2021 flooring trends

  • Wood: Wood floors are everywhere this year. While typically in living spaces and not bathrooms, it’s starting to expand into the bathroom area. Make sure you treat it properly for moisture and water since the chances of it getting ruined from a pipe bursting or an overflowing tub is higher than other types of flooring. Wood floors look great with any of our high-gloss finished bathroom cabinets. The stark contrast between the textured wood and the smooth finish makes for a beautiful space.
  • Concrete: Concrete floors are a great choice for bathrooms this year. You can pour it in a variety of patterns so it can mimic tile, but without as much maintenance or fuss. Plus, concrete can help to regulate temperatures and is mess-free. It can last for years to come, so you don’t have to worry about it cracking or breaking.
  • Tile: A classic and traditional flooring for a bathroom, tile is always in when it comes to bathroom trends. However, consider doing something different with your tile – create a fun pattern for your tile floors. Whether you choose a diamond pattern, chevron or even standard stripes, having an interesting pattern on the floor will make for a great bathroom design.
  • Terrazzo: Make your bathroom feel like it’s straight from the Italian countryside with a terrazzo floor. It’s similar to concrete floors. They’re non-porous so they resist water and other stains (perfect for bathrooms!). It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so it can look great in any bathroom. You should consider limiting the amount of patterns and colors if you’re using terrazzo, though. Too much will make everything look very busy. We recommend picking one or two colors from the terrazzo pattern to use as accents and then one neutral present to incorporate as the base for your walls and larger bathroom pieces. It’s also one of the most costly floorings you can choose for your bathroom, so only select this flooring if you have the budget for it!
  • Luxury Vinyl Planks: This flooring is a rising star in bathrooms thanks to its affordability, easy click install and waterproof stone core. Laminate flooring of years gone by had an engineered wood core, which is susceptible to warping when it gets wet or is exposed to heat. However, newer stone plastic core (or SPC) laminate flooring is waterproof, making it perfect for bathrooms (and heat resistant, making it an excellent choice for sunroom as well!). Our newest line of flooring, FirmFit Platinum, has a 22 mil wear layer for added durability and is FloorScore Certified for indoor air quality.
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Overall Aesthetic

The overall aesthetic of your bathroom is an important part of its design. You don’t want your bathroom to feel disjointed! All of our bathroom vanity cabinets look great in any bathroom design aesthetic. Here are some of our favorite overall bathroom design aesthetics that you can base your bathroom on for 2021:

  • Scandinavian: Featuring simplicity and practicality as the focus, Scandinavian bathrooms are best for no-fuss, low-maintenance types of people. Typically monochromatic (with lighter neutrals, for sure), the Scandinavian design aesthetic has a lot of benefits. These monochromatic schemes are typically offset with high contrast colors, which is why you typically see a lot of white or gray with brown or black accents, such as white tile and charcoal grout. The goal of the Scandinavian design is to have one accent feature that stands out from the simplicity of the rest of the design, such as an accent tile flooring with creamy walls.
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modern bathroom aesthetic

  • Modern: Modern design is entirely subjective – to some, it means all the modern features that technology has to offer. Others consider that modern design incorporates a variety of geometric shapes and materials. Regardless, a modern bathroom typically features simplicity with some additional elements that make it stand out. Whether that’s interesting wood paneling on one wall or a large rug featuring a unique triangle pattern, the possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for a truly modern design, why not incorporate a transparent bathtub? This one’s probably more ideal for people without many nosy neighbors, though.
  • Farmhouse: The farmhouse design aesthetic is still on-trend for 2021. Featuring a variety of wood accents, fresh whites and antique pieces, the farmhouse design is great for anyone who’s looking for a little character but doesn’t want to make the place feel overwhelming. We prefer the term homey! Neutrals feature heavily in farmhouse design aesthetics, usually with wooden vanities, white shiplap walls and antique floor tile patterns. Place a plant or two on a bathroom shelf and hang the towels over a wooden ladder and you’ve got yourself a farmhouse bathroom. The other part of a farmhouse bathroom that stands out is usually the sink. Typically not sunk into the vanity, a farmhouse bathroom sink is wide and set atop the vanity so you can see the whole thing.
  • Glam and Colorful: A glam bathroom is fit for every diva. Featuring unique patterns and textures, a glam and colorful bathroom will feel like you’ve stepped into a luxurious space for sure. Plush rugs, patterned wallpaper and bright accent colors all come together to create a glam space. You’ll probably find unique trinkets placed on the bathroom counter or shelves, typically in metallics of gold or silver. Recessed lighting will feature heavily, especially around the bathroom mirror.
  • Vintage: A vintage bathroom is great for anyone completing a renovation or restoring an old home to its former glory. Vintage bathrooms don’t sacrifice comfort, though. They just have the appearance of the design aesthetic of the time period the home is from. You’ll typically see a stand-alone sink, a split wall design (think half wallpaper and half tile) and interesting color choices, such as avocado, pastel blue or even bubblegum pink. Many also have antique lighting or fixtures to keep the feel going. A clawfoot tub with a detached showerhead is usually the norm, too. If you’re lucky, you might even still have the original shower hardware to use.

custom bathroom vanity

Unique Design Features

2021 bathrooms will have some unique design features that look great in every bathroom. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Back-lit mirrors: A back-lit mirror is perfect for any bathroom design. It creates unique ambient lighting to your bathroom mirror without creating a glare. It can also help when you’re trying to style yourself and need that expert lighting for close-ups. Plus, it can double as a nightlight or give you relaxing lighting while you take a bath.
  • Marble walls: Go big and bold for your kitchen design this year with marbled walls. If you’re really looking to make a statement with your bathroom design this year, why not use the same marble on your walls and floors? This monochromatic, seamless design will really wow everyone who sees your bathroom. Keep the other aspects of your design minimal, incorporating the colors from the marble you choose to avoid making it feel overwhelming or disjointed.
  • Ladders and storage: Bathroom storage in 2021 will be functional yet trendy. Incorporate different types of storage into your bathroom in addition to the traditional cabinet storage. You can add some unique ladders to hang towels so that they take up less space. Consider installing inset shelves in your shower that you can place shampoo bottles and bath soap in so they don’t stick out and make your shower feel smaller.
  • Plant wall: Plants love moisture. There are even some plants that thrive in high humidity – perfect for a bathroom. If you’ve got the space, install some shelves to let your high-humidity plants thrive. The steam from your showers and baths will keep them nice and healthy. You probably won’t need to water them too often, and the natural sunlight from your bathroom is a great way to keep them lush and green.
  • Circle mirrors: In most bathrooms, you’ll find a rectangle or square mirror. Break those molds in 2021 with a circular mirror for your bathroom. In contrast with the other square features, a circular mirror will really stand out in your bathroom. It’s a great accent piece because it usually has a metallic frame, so it looks great in any space.

High-Tech Options

There are a variety of high-tech options that work well in any bathroom. These can really elevate your bathroom and make the experience so much better than your standard bathroom. Here are some of our favorites for 2021:

2021 High-Tech Trends

  • Smart toilets: Smart toilets were once a thing of fantasy – self-flushing and cleaning? Who’d ever heard of such a thing? Now, more and more bathrooms are incorporating smart toilets into their designs. They make life so much easier, but they’re also better for the environment because many include bidets so you don’t need to use toilet paper.
  • Heated floors: There’s nothing worse than stepping onto a cold floor following a warm shower or bath during the winter. Even if you have a luxurious rug, you’ve still got to step onto the tile or hardwood in another part of the bathroom that the rug doesn’t reach. Heated floors are perfect for this because they keep the ground nice and toasty during the colder months. If you haven’t considered heated floors for your bathroom, 2021 is the year to do it.
  • Hydro-massagers: Take your shower to the next level this year with a hydro-massager. It’s especially perfect for anyone whose bathroom is so small that they can’t easily fit an oversized tub into it, or if you already love your current tub and want to add something extra to it. A hydro-massager will make your space feel like it’s straight out of a spa experience. If you’ve got the budget, consider adding one to the guest bathroom, too! Your guests will definitely appreciate you going the extra mile.

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Trendy Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom fixtures can really make or break the design aesthetic. Here are our bathroom fixture favorites for 2021:

  • Gold accents: Make everything gold this year. Gold is a great contrast with white, and it really makes the space feel warmer and have more character. Use it to frame mirrors, as lamp stands and as faucets in your bathroom this year. You can even go with some small gold tiles or bring it out in a marble slab for your countertop.
  • Black and industrial: For high-contrast bathrooms, we recommend using black and industrial fixtures. These are great ways to get those pops of contrast without making the space feel too overwhelming or dark and dreary. Matte black is a favorite for faucets or light fixtures.
  • Exposed bulbs: Edison lights have been trendy for a few years now, and that doesn’t change in 2021. Hang your exposed bulbs (meaning no lampshade) as a pendant or use them as sconces in your bathroom for a vintage yet modern feel. Choose some antique bulbs that give off yellow ambient lighting as well for a truly vintage look.
  • Recessed lighting: Recessed lighting is a must-have for any bathroom, regardless of style. It’s much simpler to maintain, but it also gives the bathroom a light and airy feeling, even at night. Your bathroom should have a large amount of natural light, but having recessed lighting can help to accentuate that. Without it, your bathroom can feel very dull.
  • Rainwater showerheads: The true example of a luxurious bathroom, rainwater showerheads immediately elevate any bathroom. They’re definitely on trend for 2021, so incorporate them into each of your bathrooms this year. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all make the shower experience a staple of luxury. They’re also relatively easy to install yourself, so you can save some money by installing them instead of hiring a contractor to do it. If you’re doing a large bathroom renovation, though, it might be worth just having the contractor do it if they’re already handling everything else.

Bathroom trends for 2021 still prioritize comfort and relaxation. It’s all about the experience with 2021 bathrooms, so focus on finding aspects that will make your bathroom experience feel elevated and luxurious. Peruse our quality cabinets to enhance your modern bathroom design today!

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