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BBC36/39 - Dover - Base Blind Corner Cabinet

$569.00 $238.98

  • Width 27", height 34 1/2", depth 24"
  • Base Blind Corner Cabinet with single door and single drawer
  • Adjustable half depth shelf


  • Actual cabinet width is 27" but it must be 'pulled' at least 11 1/2" from the corner when installed.
  • Minimum pull is 38 1/2" (See 2nd picture)
  • Maximum pull is 40" (See 2nd picture)
    • This means there will be an empty space between the cabinet and the adjacent wall when installed
  • Door/Drawer opening is 9"
  • We also recommend installed a 3" filler (minimum) before installing the first cabinet on the adjacent wall.  See second picture for illustration.
  • To match adjacent 3" reveal on filler, pull cabinet to 40"
  • Filler sold separately - See WF330
  • If ordering assembled, specify which side is 'blind'
    • Example: Both pictures are right side blind

Shipping on most orders is a flat $350 via LTL curbside freight, no matter how small or how large the order.  That includes delivery to the jobsite and liftgate.  

For unassembled cabinets ONLY - On small orders, 6 cabinets or less, you can request the option at checkout to request a FedEx quote.  You will be billed with the FedEx total once we receive it.  Typically this runs $30-$40 a cabinet.  If the FedEx cost somehow exceeds the freight charge, you will be billed the regular $350.